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Plague and I tried a little online mayhem with soldier of fortune 2 and had a pretty good time getting overwhelmed by the Bots.. 8-3 odds on most maps..
But when does a Wing Walker throw in the towel?,,,never..lol
We played capture the flag and actually won once or was it twice?.. when we had some more ppl on our side.. think it was 8 vs 6 in the bots favor, but with some good teamwork and solid shooting.. we took em..

most times though, Plague and I were fighting a completely defensive game just trying to make it to the time limit... Wave after wave of attackers...
It was great!!!

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Ya, it was a ball. Never played that game online. After attempts to get a complete mod loaded, I finally got to a server, only to get a message that I was permently banned by Punkbuster. I had the no cd patch, (exe) installed, cant believe if they banned me for having a moded exe, but anyway, Im banned. Thus the need to play on non PB servers and against the Bots, where if someone is cheating, who cares if the Bots get whacked by aim-bot.
Might try to get another new copy of SOF2, so I can have another CD key, and PB will assign me another Guide number, and I have the orig. SOF2 exe. installed.

Cant find my orig. SOF2 disks, (it came with my Creative Audioly2 sound card, so cant take out the no cd exe and try the orig exe and see if PB forgives me, but I doubt it, think my current guild number (tied to my cd key) is toast.

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Hmmm I have a few of these original games lying around here somewhere./applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_biggrin.gif&key=64cd7b7a0036899205810ec0a5b90ed7121d5889dd92733089c47c9758b7f4ae">
Now if I can just find them LOL!!!! Now where did I put them?

Also You are ALL invited to play COD/UO with my WB group anytime!!!!
if your interested let me know..We are testing the GFM now and it is pretty sweet changes the entire game IMHO!!! We use Ventrilo 2.3.0 for Comms..

We also have our own server running the newest CODUO 1.51 patch ver.
and you can use the No CD exe on it as well....I hate CD Keys!!!

I have an FTP with all the goodies if ya need to get them Maps/MODS and ?

Hope ya join us and get to know my RR Family...

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