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XP or ATI x800 XT cat 5.8 drivers no like MOHAA


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was running fine, patched to 1.11, now after new vid card and drivers, POS XP says mohaa.exe has developed an error and must be shut down.
Already tried the compatibilty fix (win98) on configure.exe and mohaa.exe, no good, get same error running in safe mode. Anyone heard of a fix for this?

I tried installing the 1.11 patch again, no joy.

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nope, was patched and running fine with 9700Pro.

Either drivers, or new vid card/MOHAA configure.exe, nothing else changed.

Tried a mohaa.exe from different comp. running 1.1.1, same thing.

POS MS has a Qwefvckedup about it, says check with MOHAA. Lame asses.

Shouldnt have to fight these battles, and waste my time searching. :?

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