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Luftwaffe Trivia Quiz


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Found this on SimHQ ....


I got 10 out of 15 right.

Please do not list the answers or hints towards replying correctly in this thread...

Regarding the question where you have to name a pilot, just stick to the family name, that will get you a "correct"... - if you know it and know how to spell it!

- Freycinet

I got 13/15 ....
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11out of 15 questions 5/9/12/14 wrong

I have a model of the 410 with the gun and got that one wrong I'm disputing this answer .... lol

and I have an old magazine about the long range aeroplane that I got wrong , the bomber that flew to within 12 miles of New York City

the TA was a pure guess as well the multiple wheels question the right answer was my second guess

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