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DGen Campaign Variables

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Possible alternative variables to include in the [DGEN] section of your conf.ini file, if you use DGen at all (as opposed to third-part campaign generators like DCG)

Found in THIS POST on SimHQ by SkyCat:

.... These are all lines you can paste in; otherwise DGen operates on its default settings. You don't have to add all of them either, just the ones you want. Some of the custom DGen lines are found in the ReadMe documents that came with the patches. Somehow I ended up with a text document by Starshoy that explains all of the DGen commands in the config.ini:

Here are all possible DGen settings in conf.ini

MissionDistance= (0-300)
In FB - prefered mission distance in km
In PF - any value means that carriers are located in shorter than historical distance on maps where it is important - Hawaii, Midway, Marianas.

SlowFire=(0.5-100, default 5)
In PF only - ship rate of fire is reduced.

FB only - a maximal number of random flights.

FB only - maximal number of AAA en route, does not affect target area.

PF and FB - max skill level of bombers.

CampaignLength=(Long,Medium,Short,VeryShort", default VeryLong)
FB only - allows to reduce a number of missions in campaign.

FB and PF; same as simultaneously setting CampaignAI and CampaignMissions

FB and PF changes default distribution of AI skill by modifying friendly and hostile AI levels.

FB and PF (no files for PF yet)
Switches to alternative set of ops files, modifying numbers of friendly and hostile flights.

PF only; sets numbers of points after which an operation is considered success or failure, calling alternative debrief.

PF only; sets numbers of points after which a war is considered won or lost calling alternative end of war missions.

BoE only
Removes additional units active around frontline.

FB and PF
Prevents bad weather (thunderstorm, rain, snow)

FB and PF
Removes AAA on airfields that are not used in current operation, thus preventing their highligthin on a map (giving away active airfields).

PF only
Allows Japanese to use chutes since start of the war.

Modifies group size. In PF also modifies a number of random flights.

Modifies areas where moving and static targets are located. On Low only creates them around active airfields and target area. On Medium there is a limit of 3 moving targets except in target area.

In ETO defines your initial airfield by searching first for airfields with static planes of the type you selected.

Used in ETO to allow more realistic rank system, similar to one in Pacific. You will lead earlier and there won't be
a lot of senior officers in your squadron.

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