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Guild Wars anyone?

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S! Flying buddies....

I've become so enthralled with this game, and I want to know if anyone else is participating. If you are...look me up ongame:

Verreuckter Fuchs.....(sorry Fate, spelling was always an issue for me)

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Yep got the GW bug some time ago we have a pretty good Guild...
AoDR_ Allegiance of Death Rock....


I have 2 names I use primarily...
Lord Taquil R/N21
Red Screamer E/M10

Give me a yell if your on late at night or say hi to my guild members...
Let me know if you are interested in joining us we got some great players in our guild and we have FUN we use Ventrillo for comms for now...

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Not to shoot holes in your fun or anything......

But GW reminds me of cheap gum! Starts off ok, but loses its flavor way too quickly....

...I think the thing that bugged me the most was getting all those skills and only ever to use 8 of them at a time. I dunno' - but that REALLY just bugged me. Very pretty though....

Have fun with that...

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