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This forum is an English language only area. Users who register on this forum are adults over the age of 18. This is not a children's forum. Registration is required to view and/or post in most of the Wing Walker virtual Squadron's forum areas. The registration process allows the user to enter certain data such as personal web site links and "signature" text and graphics.

At the sole discretion of the WWvS, it's administrators and moderators, any such links or graphics considered inappropriate will be removed without warning. Registered guests will be periodically removed from the forum database of users (the forum "member list") if they are inactive for more than 90 days. Past WWvS members and known friends will be excluded from this at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

Intentional spamming will not be tolerated. Spammers will be permanently banned without warning. Users posting links to dangerous and/or known illegal sites -such as hacker or warez sites, virus disseminating sites, etc., - will be banned without warning. Pornographic materials or links will not be tolerated. Nudity is not necessarily pornographic, however. WWvS members and registered guests of this forum will determine what constitutes pornographic content and whether it should be removed.

Respect all members of the WWvS community. When posting criticism of someone's work, please keep it constructive.

No racism or hate speech will be tolerated. Political and/or theological discussions must be kept civil, but is generally not encouraged. WW's come here to, in a small way, escape the real world. The nature of our hobby (virtual combat aviation) means that some display of historically correct insignia and devices may be involved in various discussions. The display of such insignia (World War 2 era Nazi swastikas, for example) does not in any way mean that the WWvS members or guests condone or support the real life policies represented by the display of those insignia.

Questions or comments on these rules may be directed to the WW Staff and/or to me via private message or email. Those who wish to register and participate on our forums will see that there is a requirement to answer a specific question in the registration form. Your reward for having read these rules is that answer: Goober



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