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advice on building a pc

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I'm turning my p 4 1.8 over to my wife for her business. So here's what I need to know..... Up till now I've pretty much been a Dell/Gateway guy. But I want to have the flexibilty to swap out components as needed to upgrade. I 've looked at Alien ware, Northwest etc. They seem nice but trés expensive. I'm going to look around locally to have one built. But I know zippity doo-dah about mobos etc. Can someone recommend they best way to go.? I have the vid card (Winfast Ti4600) but I need all the rest. Another question: can I use the software that came with my Gateway on this new rig? I'm wondering about liscensing etc.

Thanks in advance..


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legally, no (in most cases) when it comes to transferring software from 1 pc to another (in this case you're duplicating, not transferring).

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I just built/upgraded my system for the first time in early March.

First off, I can tell you that the Gateway CD will not let you load the OS onto a new mobo once you build it yourself. Pissed me off too, cause I argued with them that I paid for the rights to 1 copy of Win98 and now I can't use it.

Anyhow, I bought the Windows XP OS upgrade cause I had an old copy of Win95 laying around. If you buy the upgrade, it will ask to to verify that you own a valid copy of an older OS. All I had to do was insert the Win95 disk when it asked for it. Saved me a $100 on the OS alone!

Building the rig is not that hard. I've got some good links that you can use to help you through it. I bought an ASUS mobo and Athalon XP 2700+. I can say that I am quite happy with my system running FB, and I only have a 64Mb GF3 Ti500 video card.

Try searching http://www.tomshardware.com for reviews on mobos. You might want to get one with an nForce2 front side bus chipset. The models with the VIA chipsets seem to have capatibility problems sometimes.

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