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"The 2 days of Terror in Gibraltar"

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Late 1941

Given orders to proceed to 200 miles off the coast of Gibraltar we set sail and make good time heading to our patrol point. Along the way there is a serious lack of target opportunities and the crew becomes restless. Only one caostal merchant crosses our path.

The Captain, always eager to make the kill decides that it is time to patrol closer to the straits and sets course 090. 50 miles from the gap we pick up our first contact, a ship heading northwest following the coastline. It is night and raining so we go to flank speed and chase it down. It is another coastal merchant and the weather is stormy so we are forced to use a torpedo. Halfway to the target the torpedo's magnetic fuze decides to detonate prematurely so the captain decides we are too far South for the magnetic detonators, especially in a storm, so we switch to contact fuzes and send another fish on its way. This time we score a hit on the stern section crippling the ship and causing a large deck fire. Wanting to conserve torps we circle the boat for a couple hours waiting for it to sink before deciding it is not worth another shot, hopefully the fire will cause it to sink. Upon leaving the area (submerged still) the sonarman picks out the sound of an approaching destroyer.

The Captain decides that this is the perfect opportunity to remove one of his Majesty's defensive ships so that we can more liesurely hunt in the narrow straits. We set up 90 degrees to the destroyers path as it makes a beeline towards the crippled ship and launch a high speed contact fuzed torp for a 450 meter broadside shot that takes the destroyer by surprise and sends her quickly to the deep.

Setting course back towards Gibraltar we pick up the sounds of a large cargo ship moving slowly. Upon interception we find it is a massive C3 freighter! Once again we race ahead through the gloom of night and set up another ambush which is spectacularly effective, a single torp breaks the ship in half. This is soon followed by another fast moving contact we prepare to waylay and sure enough another destroyer soon falls to our slender fish. As day light begins to break we head farther West in a search pattern trying to find more prey.

The day passes rather uneventfully and at night we head back to the gap. After searching for a few hours we come upon yet another C3 cargo ship which by great luck also falls to a single torp. But this time on our egress from the ambush we pick up two destroyers approaching fast. Emboldened by the previous nights success and the driving storm above we yet again set up the trap and score two more destroyer kills before they can react.

Four destroyers have now fallen to our ship in two days, we wonder if the British have any left to defend themselves as our Captain boldy sends us right into the Strait itself. The storm worsens into a full blow gale, and the moonless night makes surface vision nearly zero. Driving across the waves at high speed to try and make it through the gap under this cover we suddenly come under heavy fire. Searchlights blind our deck crew as bullets tear them to pieces where they stand. The sound of large caliber bullets striking the conning tower reverberate through the hull as the captain calls for a crash dive. Looking through the periscope he is filled with dread, 100 meters off his stern is a destroyer closing fast. The 5" deck gun bellow flame and his submarine lurches hard. Screaming orders to dive faster and begin repairs he sees the gun fire again, it is his last sight.....

Quiet returns to the Straits of Gibraltar for now.

(Using SHIII 1.04 with a nocd (and no SF) patch, this seems to be running much more reliably than my previous 1.0 no SF patched version)

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I just did a delete of old game while saving mission files when asked, then did a full DVD reinstall (WITHOUT STARTING THE GAME!), then downloaded the US DVD 1.04 patch (which says it is only 1.03 when installing for some weird reason) from the official website, then I got the NOCD from gamecopyworld.com and overwrote the nescessary files before ever starting the game. No need for activation and StarForce not started. Although I would still recommend running a StarForce removal tool just in case.

Anyone interested in trying some multi-coop wolf pack hunts?

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