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Been playing with a few mods to Oblivion. My .02...

All the mods I'm using so far are just environment mods, no missions.

Natural Environments...adds seasonal and dynamic weather, you get the odd butterfly or bird flying by and the colors of things are better enhanced. Details, screenshots etc can be found here:


I like this one a lot.

Next is City Lights by Night and Interior Lights. this adds more atmosphere to the cities themselves. You can see lights as you approach a city and the interior lights mod has windows of buildings dynamically showing light coming out of the building windows. Small thing but really adds to the immersion.

The next two modes I found were also small but much needed. One is a mod that adds a silver plate with candles that you can pick up and place anywhere you want. Portable light like in morrowwind. The next mod adds a lantern as an option to the torch. Lasts about 5 times as long as a torch and just looks much cooler.

Also using the BTMod which adjusts the menu system so that more items are displayed in a list, you can see more of the map when it displays, adds color to the map etc.

None of these mods change gameplay at all, just add to the environment etc.

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lol- dont know what happened to me but I havent played for over a week..
probably dont want to be sitting in front of the computer for more than 3 hours at a time... Il-2 already has me doing that...

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I've done the Main Quest so now at the point where I can just sit for 20-30 mins to do a quick side quest or part of one. There is supposed to be a decent mod that really cleans up the faces of the NPCs with new textures that I'm going to try next... Really enjoying the Natural Environments mod....makes the water look amazing...

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Finished the main quest the other day--- surprising to realize it can be finished really quick if you want- I'm glad I dicked around with everything else while I played main quest... level 39. now after saving the world I can just go out and be abusive and mean If I feel like it-- but being the altruist that I am I guess I won't.

Oh.. after playing it for awhile now I give it a 95% best rpg I ever had a chance to play.

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