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IL10 Manchuria addon imminent

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More direct link toi the nuts and bolts of this add-on.


In addition, new aircraft such as the Ki-21 Sally bomber and the Ki-27 Nate fighter will allow the user to recreate famous early-war battles, such as the Russo-Japanese conflicts like Khalkin Gol and Lake Hasan (modeled on the Manchuria map), as well as the engagements of the famous AVG, the Flying Tigers.


I'm not overly thrilled about the IL-10 and/or any Korean War map possbilities, but I do think it's high time we got a few more Japanese aircraft in the mix. The Ki-21 and Ki-27 are a good start, but where's the A5M and G3M?



I'll get this one just for the IJA add-ons and Manchuria map.

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