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Newegg deal on vid card and LCD monitor


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Newegg has a deal on a 19" 2ms LCD monitor right now if bought with a video card. Here is the link;


This page shows only 3 ATI cards, but I found this deal while looking for an inexpensive but fast AGP card for my kids comp (EDIT: this deal works on all ATI based cards). When I picked an ATI X1600Pro this was also linked to this deal. So I am getting this monitor for $160 plus another $30 off for a rebate. Since I was also looking for another LCD this was great. I was hoping to get a real cheap 17" lcd for the kids for around $150, now I get a 19" for me and the kids get my older 16ms 17".

BTW a 19" lcd is the same res. as a 17", it just has larger pixels, so actually the image quality is better on a 17" generally. If you have weak eyes or set the monitor back farther from you though the 19" can be better. (the latter for me) Also in IL2 larger pixels mean bigger plane dots! (Thats why my primary gaming monitor is a HDTV.

There is also a Widescreen 20.1" with the same deal for about a hundred dollars more;


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It's funny you mentioned this Cephas. I just bought this monitor Wed. and it came Fri. I upgraded from a 15'' Dell CRT with a 13.5'' screen, big change I know. The monitor is excellent, it's huge, bright, and has no ghosting at all in any of the games I've played thus far on it. The 2ms rate is measured in gray to gray performance, not black to white which most manufacturers use. The "actual" rate is 6ms.

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I got my stuff in the last two days and I am very happy with the X1600 Pro 256mb AGP video card. It runs all the games I tried (IL2, Q3, Q4, NWN) very well on a XP3000 cpu. Q4 would have some hesitations under heavy battles but it was runing with all graphics maxed and 4x4 AA and AF at 1024res. IL2 got around 60-80 average frames tooling over IE Shima in an A-20 from the QMB but I believe that was with no AA or AF. (also at 1024 res)

The monitor is decent, it would be nice to have a vertically adjustable stand and I have one semi dead pixel in the top middle. Its not full bright white though so I can live with it (green) and about the size of a pinhead. For the price I paid I am not too upset and I am pretty picky about monitors. It certainly has a fast refresh rate, dragging a window around as fast as I can leaves no trails at all.

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