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I still have to lock on a couple of the birds. The A9, for some reason, is one I have to because even if I am standing on the right rudder she drifts left on me until the tail raises. I also lock on carrier take-offs as well as it's just too short and that damn Corsair will fishtail on me every time. Of course with the Corsair it doesn't matter much because I've still never successfuly trapped that thing after a few hundred attempts. I can trap on any of the others but that one has me licked...

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OH! WOW! Sensei,

I just completed Corsair 101 for the second time over at Joint Operations Blacksheep Training Squadron. This time "Black" gave me the training D/F mission. Was waiting for a break in the action to host a short session on what I've learned.

Just had a blast! Those guys actually fold wings and taxii back with traps in progress! Real protocall in effect! But I digress...meant to say that PRESET RIGHT RUDDER TRIM (six clicks) is a MUST for Corsair deck launches. Session 2 had thirty knots over the bow...taxiiing with the wings folded was a trip!!

Most amazing is that you can land with the deck full of aircraft!!

Perc...we've all experienced what you are going through, but I promise you that this is doable! Please come fly with us and we'll help you!

Another suggestion is a tour through Joint Operations, but I'm not pushing this. They love to work with those having problems. Pre-condition is completion of Basic Flight School (BFS) where it all starts.

Joint Operations Training

Edit: I failed to mention that this last June BFS class had a real treat! Taildragger, (Taldrg) who is a sprightly 81 yo, is a WWII Fleet Marine Force Aviator and flew HELLCATS!! WOW! what a real treat to fly with this guy and listen to his tales! He says this FM is very close to reality! I flew a mission with him where we escorted bombers and his dedication to sticking with them during a bounce was awe inspiring!

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And you can forget all about locking the tailwheel, and the associated taxi problems after landing. ;)

Well, you CAN kick my ass online and I know it but still that's why I make unlocking the tailwheel part of the immediate post takeoff checklist.

With the tailwheel locked I can run up power smooth and steady to over 50% before releasing brakes, sometimes 70-75% and still keep the nose pointing straight. There ain't much throttle to go once I let go of the brakes, it's a lot like carrier takeoffs with the chocks only you got a long steady deck.

The rudder has been one of the better changes to me. Since 4.04 I can rudder my aim and I'm still using a twisty-stick (X-52) way to do it! I went to have a look at the Corsair recoil imbalance and if I set the view to vide wiew default forward and then pan one click down so I have forward view with instruments then shooting while keeping the ball centered becomes natural. I notice the need for rudder but only enough to keep the ball centered, the plane stays straight as long as I keep the ball centered.

I don't know about hardware out there but Pipper who Sensei knows from his old pro connections keeps posting that the Yak-3 cannot be flown coordinated at any speed and yet I've kept the Yak-3 ball centered just using rudder. What does that make me? I'll tellyuns now, NOT a liar! If I ain't got a track then I can make one --easily-- enough. I wonder what he uses for hardware and sliders?

WWMG since 4.02/4.03 so far they just work better too!

1X=0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 10
1Y=0 64 68 72 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 20
1RZ=0 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 76 30

Should I goof with the roll sliders?
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Was waiting for a break in the action to host a short session on what I've learned.

Looking forward to it Natops!.

How about penciling in a 3-wire (and still having a flyable aircraft), training night right after KURSK, the first mission?

I hardly see anyone flying/practicing Kursk planeset, on the Kursk
Server lately, (a normal lull), so was wondering if a change to the Pacific Theater, and concentrating on Carrier OPS, and Corsair vs Meatball throwdown, sometime later, as a tease for things to come, may get some guys off the couch.

Personally, I like more variety in my flying, then practicing the same planes and Theater, for a month before a WW Battle War, as fun as the WWBW's are to fly.

Sounds like TO/Landing with other active planes on the deck, would be part II of any training, with the rust some of us have, just trying to not go "boom" by ourselves, so... maybe a single basic Corsair/Carrier landing night, some Tues evening, followed by Part II, on a "private training night" for "real" Corsair fans, with Part II?
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S! Sounds good Plague, if everyone agrees. But we could also have some fun at other times vice practice night. (Personally would like to leave that open for the Training Officers.)

I by no means will prepare the full blown training program the Black Sheep presented, but their d/f map is absolutely fabulous as they 'marked' the flight path for a non-moving carrier as the first step. I found it outstanding and something that I wanted to give to the WW's. 'Black' has OK'ed this.

They gradually step you up until you are flying on a moving carrier with no flight path marked. Also, it must be realized that the non-moving carrier with no wind has a totally different flight path (it's deeper off the 180) than a moving carrier with a 30 knot headwind down the deck.

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Ya know. I never tried folding the wings as I touch down on the carrier. Maybe if I do that and they rip off I won't bounce up and away and can plant the bird on the deck.....I mean as long as I can walk away right?

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Hehe, set up a quick mission and was going to try and do the "wing-fold-on-flair" trap attempt to make a nice funny vid. Did it, wings peeled off and I slammed on the deck. To add to the joke I decided to bail to show my pilot "walking" away.

Hint. Don't bail on a moving carrier. Pilot bailed, ended up in the water in his dinghy and was promptly run over by the carrier and killed. Which I thought was hilarious until I saw I had forgotten tor ecord the track. ARGH.

So, I still haven't survived a carrier landing in a Corsair yet.

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PERC I just signed up at Joint Ops for training, come sign and up and don't make me do this alone. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_rolleyes.gif&key=1e8c06ab12fb541f5359109fc2a9aa78454b8063e7aa8862e992af3163d7b4b4">

I keep hearing they do a good job there so Im going to invest the time and see if I can keep up.


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Natops-thats too cool that theres a ww2 pilot online and you've flown with em...just too cool.

I will fly whenever and wherever- in any plane and theatre.. only stipulation is theres at least a handful of others to fly with...

:shock: :shock: :shock:

I said handful..... I'm not seeing that many lately.

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Np Perc , I just now sent a new email again. Let me know when you get it or if its not there in a few let me know.

(in irish accent) Nor i be irish at all , but 'and me dat pint dar lad....
(in english) Nah im not irish its just the typo gene that runs in my blood.

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