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OFP Game server(s)

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Just woundering if you guys would like to play this game again it's OFP with all addon. Both are coop servers and i do beleave it would be nice to have a few games with you guys.

We have 2 servers running for the past 14 months now.

These are the needed mods



Please Replace the following
Baracken.pbo in FCM/ADDONS
CBT_misc.pbo in CBT/ADDONS


There website http://www.ballisticaddonstudios.com/

Here the ones needed

BAS Delta and Ranger Units.
BAS Pavehawks & BAS Air Weapons file.
BAS Littlebirds.
BAS Chinooks
BAS Blackhawks and SOAR Pilots
BAS Kiowas
BAS Russian OPFOR Vehicles
BAS Tonal Island (Fully Patched).
BAS Tonal Special Forces Units.

WG5 Is back set to active server 2 only.
Wargames mod.

Use OFP Watch so while ya waiting for game to finish you could go make ya self a drink.

Game IP:
Game IP: ( 100mb )

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Id love to, but as before, only have 1.46

Might see if I can get a used copy off ebay. What flavor of OFP do I need to get the latest version, minus the patches, and then the above mods? GoTY?

And will XP run it without much more than telling XP to run it as a Win95/98 game?

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Best getting GOTY as it comtains all addons then you will need a patch from 1.91 to 1.96. Then install needed mods.

I got a few copys from EB Games i did $15 for 3 copys with manuals.

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