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NWN 2 out next week


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Well ya might be in luck this time. We were running NWN server(s) for about 18 months.

Reason i we started it was becouse GR suppossed of been replaced BUT was not and why we started was simply due to GRAW coming out and getting ready for thet total "COUGH".

This time around we will run NWN 2 servers BUT whot they be ran on is not 100%. At this time it's probaly going to be ran on my old DELL. Maybe a few months on our teams 100mb server but how OFP AA turns out and how it runs with it is to see yet.

However we had a sweet community going and i've started getting a few people e-mailing me if i we are doing it all again.

And it sure is going happen.

And tharn check our site under NWN to see whot kind of rules will be implyed.

One i remember greatly was to stop people runing though and looting every thing while everyone else did all the work. I even made a script for the chests that is you pick locked them you stand to get XP. Allso more chests had traps on them to encourage better play.

I see same kinda rules being in place and till a few of use get used to it. we will start editing whot we can ( Depends on Bioware script blocking ).

And lastly we will probaly finish a mod of our own too.

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Big time NWN player here, made a mod called "Kastle Krippler" to that is on the NWN website. I am very much looking forward to NWN 2 even though it appears to be a fair amount different than the original.

Anyone looking to hook up and play online give me a shout. I thought NWN was excellent for teamplay although I never really thought the DM part was all that necessary.

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