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browsed at best buy today- bundles available

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Ea has released a bundle of FPS War shooters///
Medal of honor Medal of honor expansion 'allied assualt'
Battlefield 1942 and expansion
Battlefield Viet nam

All 5 for $29.99 !

I have none of the above and I was sooo tempted in picking this up- Im sure I would have fun playing them, but I know I probably wouldnt play em all..

But this just gos to show you- wait a couple years and get em real cheap// that is if your just going to play the solo story..
I have a feeling theres quite a few folks still playing online though.

Ea has also bundled a 5 pack of startegy games that include command and conquer and exp/ battle for middle earth and one other... for $29.99

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I thought Medal of Honor AA, (not really an expansion, but a Standalone game), was a good game. I bought Moh AA, and then I got the MoH War Chest at the thrift store real cheap, which has AA, and 2 expansions. I'll dig through my boxes of games, and see if I can find the AA disk. I'll send it to you if I can find it. The begining of the landing at Omaha Beach mission is intense, turn around and check the guys faces in the landing craft, as it starts.

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lol- I would Cephas- If I was into rts games- Im not really into fps as much either thats why i passed em up- I did have coh in my hands - but im saving my 49 99 for medieval total war two which comes out next week-

I most likely will get coh when it comes down to 39.99
it does look intriguing.

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