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CoH new game mode! "DEFEND THE BASE"

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Thanks for the game today Bard! Great stuff, you nearly had me on the ropes with your counterattack, thank God that Calliope never fired when you came near my base area. (and that it missed later when my Tiger got in your base)

On a further note...

I was wondering if you would mind trying a new mode of play next time which is not available normally but would just require the players to abide by a couple rules.

Some of my favorite missions in the SP games were the defensive ones, especially "Carentan counterattack". Knowing you have a limited time to set up defenses for a massive assault made for really intense gameplay, the suspense mounts as the time of the attack nears (very much like the final battle in SPR).

What I envision is that the map be chosen beforehand and a boundary be agreed upon that would not be violated for the first 30 minutes (time negotiable of course). The Defensive team would get approx. 33% of the map and the Offensive team 66%.

During the ceasefire both sides would either prepare their defenses or prepare their assault force.

Once 30 minutes elapsed the battle would be on but neither side would be allowed to create ANY new units once combat begins, except for allowing the Special Command Units options for resupply only. (Units already in the manufact. pipeline are still allowed to be completed though)

Since there would be no contact until the battle started you would have no command points until the fighting actually began.

Once you have aquired Command skills, you could then start using all those resource points you have not been using for the Command units/abilities (since unit creation is frozen at the start of combat).

Munitions and fuel points are free to use to upgrade any existing units, or if required for special attacks.

Victory conditions would be for the defender to last 30 minutes, for the aggressor to have either annhilated the enemy, or have their HQ at a fully destroyed state at the end of the 30 minute combat period (a HQ will not go completely destroyed unless ALL defensive buildings are annhilated)

The map would have to be specially chosen, but preferably one that has features good for the defender, like being very narrow, or having bridges like the one we played a week ago. I will post an image shortly of that bridge map divided up for defensive play soon.

Of course all this would be on the honor system which is no problem when playing with friends. It sure would be nice if Relic added a few more game modes like this.

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Here are two scenarios for the defend the base.

The first is Lyon for 2 players only.
The defender starts in the smaller area and neither side may cross over or fire across the red line until the combat period begins. Resource points with a red X may not be captured by the defender on this map.

The second is for 2-6 players and is on the Montherme map.
The area inside the red crescent is a no man's land that may not be entered or fired across until the combat period begins. The same goes for the resource points in the no man's land.

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Might have to ad a few more rules as I found out today while practicing that bridges can be destroyed by artillery fire. I am not sure whether engineers can repair them in MP mode, will test soon.

But no matter if they can be repaired a couple more rules for Defend the Base.

No Sandbags, mines or tank traps can be laid directly on bridges. (Barbed wire is ok though)
Defending units may not target artillery strikes or use mortars/nebelwerfers on units on bridges.

These are up for review depending on the map used and how easily bridges can be repaired (if possible)

I had a great battle today versus the AI on Montherme fighting opurely defensively. We has some good battles going on the bridges and they almost broke through before they ran out of steam on that attack and then subsequently the AI would refuse to attack once my defenses became very robust. After waiting a while I got 10 snipers and sent them across one of the bridges into enemy territory. As soon as I deleted a few of the obstacles to let the snipers through all the enemy AI made a run for the bridge and massive carnage ensued. Later I was down to one sniper hiding near their HQ just spying and I sent 3 Panthers in to take out their base after calling an arty strike on their tank depot. The Panthers were going up against 50 + infantry as both our teams had massive amounts of resource points to spend since we were in the stalemate for a long time. The Panthers were taking a heavy toll on the infantry but also were nearly destroyed before I had enough munition resources to call another major arty strike right in the midst of all thsoe poor Allied troops that were all bunched together. After that it was just mopping up.

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