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UI 1.1 Folder Utility

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Recon's utility is not based on .bat files at all. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it's workings, but here's an overview:

It uses .xml files to store data as profiles, such as the primary, default profile that contains a list of UI 1.1 Mods sub-folders. Each new profile created adds a new .xml file to the library. The app reads the profiles and renames the MODS sub-folders according to the settings in the selected profile (.xml file).

I believe it's built using C# (I can open the .exe file with C# and see all the 'stuff' that makes it work, making my head spin and eyes roll back... )

Some bugs in the first alpha version include :

... incomplete, inconistent or non-existent folder re-naming, especially when reverting to stock UI 1.1. The app disables (renames with a "-" prefix) many more MODS sub-folders than it should, and is currently unable to be corrected by any means other than manual re-naming of those folders.

... a rather incomprehensible layout. There's only a few buttons, but I was unable to figure out the correct procedure without whining for instructions. My thoughts on that matter were that the app needs to be idiot-proof, operating in a manner that is easily discerned without having to ask a lot of questions about basic operation. Recon will be revamping the layout in the next version ... but he's very busy with FS operations (both flight and behind-the-scenes) and I'm not sure what his time frame will be.


Of course Recon's efforts aren't the only ones out there... I suspect some rather clever European folks already have a much more suitable utility in development.

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