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MSFF1 FF not working


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Hey Wetmore,

Well, that is a pretty old stick! I don't know enough about it to know if it can do USB 2.0 speeds. Or is it so old it is limited to USB 1.1 speeds. Maybe that explains it? Would that even matter? It does transfer data...I don't know.

Couple troubleshooting steps I'd try...

- Make sure you're plugged into the back of your PC (not a hub).
- What happens when all other USB stuff is unplugged? (even TiR)
- Are you running any stick managing software?
- What happens turning FF volume down in game and up in manager?
- How does the stick work with FF turned off?

Just a few things to get some feedback (pardon the pun) to narrow down the culprit.

It's easy to get frusterated with setting up ROF. But well worth the effort once you get there. Keep on keepin' on....

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Its not a usb stick. It is plugged into the gameport on my sound card. No stick managing software for it. Not support in XP. In ROF it just acts like a really stiff spring. The FF adjustments seem ineffective. It works mint in IL2 so it is not a stick or Windblows sort of issue.

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