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The Battle of Coral Sea

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AAR Mission 1: Controls hosed at spawn. Plane immediately dove into terrain. Bail out key not functioning!!
AAR Mission 2:After his IJN Flight Leader failed to show up for the combat duty due to a Sake binge during a late-night poker game, WW_Spardog was reassigned just prior to takeoff to CAP a transport fleet steaming SSW of Rossel Island. After the mission was completed, the Flight Commander reported this pilot -- while searching for the fleet, radioed that he was lost, low on petrol, and flying a 270 degree bearing-- was MIA.

AAR Mission 3: IJN_WW_Spardog flying a VAL carrying a 250kg bomb and two 60kg bombs is videoed diving on USN TG 17.3, Australia (CAPT H.B. Farncomb, RAN) and releasing bombs, hitting the ship and...



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Good hit. I have a feeling that after that flak hit you got, some shark is still trying to get a toe or finger bone un-stuck from between his teeth. "oh look, appetizers!"

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AAR Mission 6

No WW flew this mission so presenting LeR3 debrief:

"Took off, headed north-ish and climbed to 7km before being ordered to go to 6km. Got two enemy contacts(@16:20), which later turned out to be Catalina. A bit later, flew over an enemy fleet, and while doing so, spotted 4 new contacts(@22:30). Turned west to investigate yet more contacts(@24:00) which later turned to be Wildcats. Hellcat(AliCat?) and Kapsu caught up to the straggling one and took him out. We continued to pursue the two front ones as they circled back to their fleet. Back at the enemy fleet, turned south(@43:30) to avoid flak.

One Catalina was drawing flak over our fleet but ignored it. Got a call for help to come to BI45 (80+ km away from our position) to clear out some SBDs. Made the turn(@50:00) but almost instantly after some of our guys came into contact with some Wildcats right next to us, so went in to help. The situation resolved quite quickly, so continued towards BI45. Spotted couple of Catalina's again but continued our course. Some time later (@1:00:00) asked about the BI45 cons and received info, that the enemies had proceeded somewhere north of Misima Island, so nothing left for us. Turned back to our convoy.

After that, we were seeking targets of opportunity. Sighted one possible Catalina, but then also some of our ships started to fire AAA in the air(@1:16:20). Sent Icedi and Ozy to investigate, and I continued after the Catalina. Both Ozy and Icedi shot down one TBD. After that they continued after me and the Catalina. I finally reached it and started to B&Z it(@1:25:00). A surprisingly short time later Icedi and Ozy were able to catch us and joined the hunt. After a long wearing down, I finally clipped its tail(@1:33:25). Ozy was long on ammo, so he RTBd. Icedi went after another Catalina. I headed back to our convoy. When I reached it(@1:44:00), the enemy "5-pack" had passed our convoy, and there was only 4 ships left in the convoy, one on fire. Made a little detour to the west, and then headed home. Ozy and I landed successfully. Icedi failed to catch a wire; splash!"


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Battle of Coral Sea has ended. The Allies won this campaign and Axis pilots congratulate the Allied pilots on a very hard-fought campaign.

It was a good fight -- most of the time. Axis side had a lot of opportunities to slow down the Allied fleet, but it did not
happen. Their fleet successfully destroyed Japanese transports and the first campaign phase ended. Then the Axis side had to escape alive with carriers so they could be used in a Midway campaign which is scheduled to follow this battle.

During "The Battle of Coral Sea" campaign Japanese pilots managed to sink one carrier (Lexington) and the upcoming Midway campaign can start with a historical environment.

Two of the things I bring out from all this campaign experience is: 1. Without WW participation or being assigned to an English-speaking gaggle of pilots, I had better learn to understand "pig Latin" English, or, 2. learn to speak/understand three or four International languages, including Croatian, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic. Gentlemen, it's rather difficult to perform an assigned task successfully when you're hearing over COMM: "Ronald, Uspon na osam tisuća metara i čine preko otoka" or "Ronald, Salire a ottomila metri e formano sopra l'isola." or לטפס עד" שמונה אלף מטר, סדרו מעל האי."

My normal response? "Huh?" "WTF!"

Thus these well-intentioned commands resulted in me to continue flying the direction I was heading and following my chicken-scratched printed map until I ran out of petrol, shot down or FLAK'd to death. /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_no.gif&key=123af465840560f6cae384d5025c5350935656ef6ac958bf1c398962145358b9">

Now I'm beginning to understand why our cat, Buki, does not have a clue what I am yelling until he's drop-kicked in the general direction I'm wanting him to go: Buki doesn't understand "Texan"!!! /applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=%7BSMILIES_PATH%7D/icon_yikes.gif&key=40349f1689a621b941907f28769d157f8660ca24a94a444fc64ff3b91e5e1afc">

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