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Finally! After a 4 month back-order, my Vox Amplug2 (Bass flavoured of course) came recently. What it is, is a Swiss Army knife sized box with a 1/4 jack that plugs into your guitar. It turns your headphones into an amp.

It comes in 4 flavours!!

"AC30" provides the AC30 top boost sound.
"Classic Rock" delivers the classic crunch of a UK-made 100W amp.
"Metal" gives you the extreme high-gain sound of a US-made amp.
"Bass" is designed specifically for low frequencies, offering a wide-range response.
Each model provides three amp modes, giving you even more variety.
Nine selectable effects (Chorus x 3, Delay x 3, Reverb x 3) are built into the guitar-type models.
Bass model includes nine built-in rhythm patterns for convenient and effective practicing.
A multi-stage gain circuit featuring VOX's proprietary analog technology perfectly reproduces the complex distortion created by a vacuum tube amplifier.
New folding plug mechanism rotates 180 degrees to fit any guitar
Play anytime, anywhere with up to 17 hours of battery life
Use the AUX input to jam along with your smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player


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https://www.amazon.com/Rowin-Rechargeab ... ess+guitar


Here Bay--- now that you've got your stage legs and might want to move around a bit..

I use the xvive wireless but these are 50$ cheaper and do the same thing... these are truly wireless.. plug one into your guitar and the other onto your amp- or pedal board.. older wireless systems still have a cord you run from the powered transmitter-- that tech is old school. ive seen these for 85$ - rechargeable.. very easy to use..

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All these dubble en-tenders floating around...

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