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ArmA3 Sat. 28

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Time = 21:00 EST

You are a member of the Queen’s Regiment, 1st Battalion. Based out of Kakarm, Takistan. Here is you Ops briefing:
“Gents, NATO’s Intel chaps have request our help. It seems a Takistani Warlord name Karem-Al-Koffe and his men have overrun the village of Mulladost. This village sits on a major supply route from the Bala pass to NATO’s HQ at Rasman Air Base. Our task is to liberate the village and secure the road. Karem’s men are not known to have any heavy armour nor weapons. We believe they have the standard assortment of AK-47’s and RPG’s. Also, they have had time to plant IED’s, so keep your scan up.
Alright lads gear up and head out to your Land Rovers. Make sure you show those buggers what the Queen’s soldiers are made of”!

Note: Rover 1 is the only vehicle with respawn. Don’t lose it.
Rover 1 and 2 have Arsenal, but please keep to the spirit of the mission and stay with what I gave you.
One player is also Zeus, I will take that position and use if needed.
PLEASE HAVE ALL “CUP MODS” Installed and Loaded.

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