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ArmA3 Sat. 18 June

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TS: OF or WW
Mods: CUP (all of them)

9 player slots plus NO ARSENAL, fight and win with what you got.
Respawn and Zeus as backup.

Return to Sahrani part 1.

USMC Recon, you're with the second wave of Marines to come ashore NE of Sahrani. Your first task is to take control of an airfield
and the town of Pita next to it. Once any threat from AA has been neutralized then reinforcements will arrive and take over.
Second task will then be to load up and move out towards the town of Masbete. When that has been captured our road toward the main
capital of Northen Sahrani will be clear. Third task is to assist in capturing Bagango (Capital). The main purpose of this operation on
Sat. is to open up a second front thereby relieving pressure on US Army and South Sahrani forces at Corazol.


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For those of you who have APEX installed: 5.0GB update today so please log on to steam early and get your ArmA updated.

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