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WWCOOP March 21 "Early Invasion" round 2


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Another Coconut Mission. I want to rerun the Stuka's over Stalingrad mission with us flying Russian, but will take a little time to put the AI back I removed and some other tweeks. So figured we would go cold turkey on another Coconut Mission. Open to running Russian or German

Noticed "non directional beacon" label, have no idea what that is about or how to use

Rear Base has all plane types
Advance Base has bombers only
Airstart bases are for fighters

this looks like it is set up for a big cluster foof in the center over Cherny, but there are some factory targets a bit further back that look interesting.

Only change I made was to place unlimited planes at the forward base so no one runs out.

and "early" relates to the campaign, this is in the middle of the day.




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Noticed "non directional beacon" label, have no idea what that is about or how to use

NBD is a AM radio beacon pointing towards a specific radio station. ( pilot relied on a bearing pointer on the instrument panel to determine an aircraft's location.


It is very simple to use. This video explains everything in just a few minutes.

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Bothered me that I could not find that factory, so looked at the mission in Editor.

Coconut is using Icons to "give orders", and not to mark targets. Unfortunately, when he placed the icons on the map in editor, he did not give the icons a name, in which case, when you looked at the icon, you would know what your orders were.

There was no factory at that location, but we were suppose to attack enemy buildings, am assuming he meant in the town a little south of the icon.
Had we been flying Russian, we would have seen a little different icon, that (had it had a name), was telling us to cover friendly buildings.


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Going to give this another go this week. Didn't have time to do a lot, but did some

Change Log
1. Made all subtitles white, 15 seconds long 25 font ( so us old guys could actually read them)
2. Added text to target icons to say "German or Russian Train station" so you know what you are attacking
3. Actually added a very large train station so there is something there to bomb ( actual target was just a platform and some shacks)
4. Add a server command for a robust second wave of enemies at various locations

Didn't have time to be too sophisticated about the added aircraft, but at an hour in, can launch a serious shit storm of enemy aircraft to extend the dogfighting goodness

should be fun.

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Sorry for my lack of attendance on flying nights. Today's excuse is "full-on-packing mode." Truck comes this Saturday and we've got a grand-total of two (2) boxes ready for pick-up. Rest of the week is, "cram shit into cardboard boxes and be sure to clearly mark it 'Stuff'."

Next week's excuse will be, "Where's that box that I marked 'stuff' on? I clearly remember marking that box as 'stuff"! Now where the hell is it!?!"

Give'em grief tonight, folks!

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