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For those of you who have this program already, Pat has released the latest update to his fine campaign generator.

This should give Duck a few more things to play with.

PWCG 3.0 includes the Kuban and all new planes available to date. Enjoy a career in a HS 129, Spitfire, or any of your other favorites.
I will be out of town for a couple of weeks. Any issues, etc, please report them here and I will address them when I get back. PWCG development will continue.
PWCG campaigns are not backwards compatible at this time, so you will have to start a new campaign.

Thread over at BoS forum https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32137-pwcg-30-released/
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yep, will give it a shot.....hope the mission files are the same as the old ones.....

edit: yep the are.

change my advance configuration in 3.0 to match 2.0 and it does not like something, cause it will not create a mission. Will have to re-do them again a small group at a time to figure out which one.

If anyone figures out how to start a German campaign on the Kuban map, let me know....

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Don't know if you got this sorted out Duck, but I have managed to start a German campaign on the Kuban map. I really hate my AI wingmen, they're hopeless, air field gets hit by a flight of Yak 1b's just after we take off, and those bastards (flight lead and the rest) merrily disappear to follow the mission waypoints as I try to heroically defend myself over our airbase. The outcome was not in my favor :t_down:

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Actually, i just did last nite. Even got my settings from 2.0 to work in 3.0 Unless I am doing something wrong, that is a late war map....1943. But looking at the intel map, there are really not a ton of bases on the map. I finally got a mission that had around 34 or so ai, but most of my mission only had a handfull of planes to fly against....less then 12.




That might change if I switch to a Russian campaign, but there are not that many german bases either.

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