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TeamSpeak Whispers

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Here is a tutorial for setting up whisper lists. The key ideas are to set the Whispers to Channels --not individuals-- and include your own channel in each whisper. Each button/key acts like a "push to talk" to the listed channels; press down to activate the mic, release to mute the mic.




The advantage to setting up whispers is that you can communicate to other channels without leaving your own channel.




The advantage to including your own channel in each whisper is that your own channel members know you are communicating with another channel, and can hear the exchange & know to cease voice traffic.






Setting Up Whisper Lists




• Prep-work


◦ Determine Whisper Keys/Combos


▪ It is a good idea to know what keys / key-combos you want to use before you begin assigning them in TeamSpeak.


▪ You may want to create a cheat-sheet to help you remember what keys will be in use, and to what channels they will be used for


▪ If you have a game-pad (that TeamSpeak recognizes) or a gaming keyboard that has extra keys on it for one-press keystroke macros, now would be a good time to create those key-stroke combos


• Logitech G-series keyboards


• Microsoft XBox controllers


• Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 7


• Other flight control devices that can emulate key-stroke combos


◦ With the new version of TeamSpeak, Joystick/HOTAS keys are now available






• Setting Up Initial/Base Whispers


◦ Open TeamSpeak


◦ Tools / Whisper Lists


▪ New


▪ Press key / key combo of choice (this is called a Hotkey)


• Hotkey: button will display your choice


• Whisper to: button should read "Clients & Channels"


◦ If not, click this button and select it


• On the far right of the screen will be a button (defaults to "View All") with a window list below it


◦ Click this button and select "View Channels"


◦ The list will display the top-most channel on the server with an expand/contract triangle next to it


◦ Click the triangle to expand the list until you see the channel you want to map your hotkey to


◦ Double-click that channel


◦ It will now show up in the Whisper List Details profile list in the middle of the screen


▪ Continue these steps (starting at New) until you have assigned hotkeys to all the channels you want to whisper to


• You can choose multiple channels for a single HotKey


▪ Optional: rename the lists so they are meaningful to you when you read them


• In the Whisper Lists list, click one of the entries


◦ example: ctrl+alt+r (or a joystick button, or whatever)


• Click the Rename button at the bottom of the screen


• Type in a name that means something to you


◦ example: "To Red Channel"


• Editing Whispers


◦ Open TeamSpeak


◦ Tools / Whisper Lists


▪ Select one HotKey in the Whisper Lists window


▪ Click the View All button


▪ Select View Channels


• The list will display the top-most channel on the server with an expand/contract triangle next to it


• Click the triangle to expand the list until you see the channel you want to map your hotkey to


• Double-click that channel so it shows up in the middle window


• You can add multiple channels to this one HotKey


▪ Remove unwanted channels from middle window


• In the middle window, select the channel you no longer want assigned to the HotKey


• Press the key on your keyboard


▪ Click Apply


◦ Repeat for each HotKey you wish to modify






How Dub does it




1. Create all HotKeys


a. One for each WW Channel color


b. One for all WW Channel colors


2. Rename each HotKey to something more meaningful than the actual key-combo


a. From " "


b. To "Red Channel"


3. Select HotKey and assign a WW Channel color


a. Do this for each WW Channel color


They would be my "Defaults" and remain static


4. On "game-day," prior to entering my assigned "Home" WW Channel color I would edit the other WW Channel colors to include my "Home"


a. I am assigned to Gold


b. Red and Blue whispers would then be edited to include Gold


c. Remove any previous "Home" colors that no longer apply




So one button would be to Red and Gold, another button would be to Blue and Gold, and a third button would be to Red, Blue, and Gold.

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Spent Saturday practice setting up whispers with the help of duck and spar.


but those who don't have this set up this is a very good time to set them up.


hopeing I have them set correctly for Tuesday :omfg:




Just double checked and have whispers set. :paper:

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This is kinda a pain in the ass, but imho, it is easier than resetting whispers each time I change a flight. I didn't realize till Geezer posted that whisper lists as I had them set up, only worked if I was flying the flight I set them up for.




I am going to set up a whisper profile for me flying RED flight. I go to tools>options>hotkeys, and in the middle column, under Local Profiles, am going to right click on DEFAULT, and select ADD PROFILE. I am going to call the profile RED, and where it says "create profile using" I am going to leave the box "default profile" checked. This may or may not be the best way to approach all of this.




The keys I am going to use for hotkeys, which may differ from what you use are: 1 to whisper to gold. 2 to whisper to blue 3 to whisper to red and 4 to whisper to white.




Now, still in options, on the left, I am going to select WHISPER. and then on the right select WHISPER LIST. On the left side bottom, I am going to click on NEW, and the hotkey dialogue box will open. I hit 1. You may or may not at this point get a promt saying that key is already bound, just hit ok if you do. Next I get a promt asking me what profile I want this key inserted to, and I select RED. On the right side of the window, I select the WW TS server, in CHANNELS, I locate both the GOLD flight (the flight I am whispering to), and the RED flight (the flight I will be in), and drag them to the middle panel.


I hit new again, and hit 2 for a hotkey, assign it to the red profile, and add the channels RED and BLUE.


There is no reason for me to add a 3 key (red flight) to this profile, as this is the channel I am in.


I hit new again, and hit 4 for a hotkey, assign it to the red profile, and add the channels RED and WHITE


Then I hit apply.




Then I repeat for a Gold/White/and Blue flight.




When I get on TS for a particular night, at the top bar, I click on SELF, and then click on HOTKEY PROFILE, and select the profile for the flight I am going to be flying in that nite.




If you want, you can set up a hotkey that will load a specific hotkey profile (in case you forget to pick your profile after you have started flying)

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The Profiles thing is the way to go. Once you get it set, it's super easy to select the profile you need for the flight you're in.




(beating the dead horse) Remember to always set that second target to your own current channel, so your wingies can hear what you're saying as well (and hopefully not try to talk over you.)

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Duck went over this with me the other night and a couple of the guys were talking about this up. I made a short video tutorial for setting up the basic hotkey profiles and whispers. Hope this helps. 

Might be nice to "pin this thread" for the "Whispers TS Setup" I'm sure there's a lot of different ways to do this so the more info the better. 

I need to setup something to switch channels and profiles, for now it's just set the channel profile before I start. Now I can start pestering Icy in Gold, and more buttons to fumble over while in flight, very exciting... 


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Nice video Wood, thanks

Some items that can help with whispers. 

Getting to the desktop from the game (without screwing things up) for when you forget to set your ts profile, and/or channel.  This works for me, should work for others, but we know how that goes.

(Lalt+enter) then (Ralt+tab) then Win+d

Setting up Hotkeys in TS that switch you to the channel you want AND set the profile for that channel.  Because all the different channel combinations (red to blue, gold to white etc etc) make this extensive, I have one hotkey that sends me to lobby, and sets my hotkey profile to default, then I have 4 keys (screw the black channel) that send me to gold/blue/red/white.  So if I am in red and want to get to blue, I have to go to lobby first, then switch from lobby to blue. 

The keys I use are 1 gold...2 blue...3 red..4 white...5 lobby

Keyboard 1 switches my hotkey profile to gold, so I made shift+cntrl+1 switch me from lobby to gold, and at the same time switch my hotkey profile to gold.  Repeated for all the other channels, and once in a channel, shift+cntrl+5 in any of the channels puts me back in lobby.

Or, I can just say "switch  gold" in Voice attack.

Lobby hotkey settings:



Gold hotkey settings with whispers, and keys to get me back to lobby



Voice attack for getting me to the desktop when I am in the game (very handy...)


Good tip...you can export your whisper list....just right click on any item, and select export all...


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