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So TS is better for DCS in my opinion, here's why - Universe Radio......




I swear I'm not an advertising for Tacno lol. UR is a radio program that works with TS to provide a pretty realistic experience. The radios have three channel bands and are set to work with almost all of the modules, and for the ones that Tacno doesn't have included specifically he has made a function called "external radio" that works as like a "universal comms" - it mirrors all of the same stuff that UR does in planes that aren't supported, usually alpha and pre-beta releases.




It costs $7.




It simulates terrain mask/line of sight, it simulates decaying signal strength, you get feedback when you step on someone using the same freq. It's especially helpful when you have a pile of fools pooping comms up; I have seen 355th up for an ops night with 25 pilots, imagine that on either TS or Discord??? FYI I believe the Discord stuff is only channel separation, about like TS and making a new room.




I love UR. I have it set up to match my throttle buttons, and so I have UHF, HF, and VHF on three different buttons. I simply mash the button for the radio I wish to speak on and my Xmission goes out. I have my headphones set up VHF left ear, HF right ear, UHF both ears. Works like a charm.




Lastly, there is another mod made by a friend of Tacno's, it's called LotATC. It's an ATC simulator, I know, not that glamorous, but some people like that sort of stuff! It also buddies up with UR and supports the stock aircraft IFF panels.....ED isn't even doing that yet! Planes can't interrogate each other, but the ATC can tell what you are and if you are squawking abnormal codes, like in flight emergency status. I've seen it work on A-10 (perfectly), the Harrier and Huey (ident only). Now for LotATC it's only something that needs to be purchased if you are going to be doing the ATC thing, otherwise your planes/helicopters will squawk since you'd have UR. LotATC was $9 if I remember.




Here's a link to UR. A word, you will have to reinstall TS as an admin and set it to run as admin. Make sure to not be on TS when you install the UR, and run the installer as admin. If you don't do this you will have issues, remember I said that. It's not the easiest to get running right, but once you have it running it's more or less on autopilot. Also Tacno himself is very into supporting his customers and is easily accessible via email. I know this from experience as I am very computer dumb and had to get help.








There is another one, a free one, called Simple Radio. It's lame, don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise. A lot of people are using it because it's free, but it is for sure an inferior product, and so far with DCS, like guns and cars, you get what you pay for eh?





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Sounds a lot like "Task Force Radio" for Arma3. It's a TS plugin that gives you distinct and realistic radio operations. In Arma3 the different radios have different frequencies, operational ranges, etc., all dependent on realistic terrain line-of-sight limitations. In a full-real simulation it's amazingly (frustratingly!!) realistic.




If Universe Radio and TacnoWorld work in the same manner, I'd suggest this to be an option to seriously consider.

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