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Las Vegas Post Script

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I beat the odds in Vegas. The day before we left. (Monday) Ross and I went out for breakfast, then we went back to our room to plan our afternoon. I was sitting at the desk by the window, and Ross was lying on his bed. There was a pop and a hiss, and suddenly the room was filling up with smelly water. One of the two sprinkler heads had failed in service. Google tells me the odds against this are sixteen million to one. Not that much of a payoff, though. We did get our room comped, so they said. I'll know for sure when the next credit card bill comes in. We did get to ride the big wheel after we dried out, and the Flamingo did our laundry.

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You certainly had an exciting time, Pierre. Ahna and I were very pleased to see and visit you in the plaza near the Flamingo.




The "wheel" I believe Pierre is referencing in his post is a huge contraption that viewed from a long distance appears to be a giant Ferris Wheel, but it was the High Roller at the LINQ casino, near the Flamingo. It made each group entering each pod feel that you were on a space ship.




Here are a few photos of the "big wheel."





[attachment=5]LINQ Wheel_!.jpg[/attachment]



[attachment=4]Entering Pod.jpg[/attachment]





Here we go....



[attachment=2]Night Ride 1.jpg[/attachment]


[attachment=1]Night Ride 2.jpg[/attachment]


[attachment=0]Night Ride 3.jpg[/attachment]

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Master Card bill came in. The Flamingo did not remove the room charge.


Pierre, being "comped" normally means receiving something free based upon a future event. For example.




"Casinos will often offer 'comped' rooms to guests that have stayed, and more importantly, gambled there in the past.But to do this they have to know who you are and how much you're gambling, and they usually monitor this through their players card schemes, so be sure to sign up for one at the Flamingo. Flamingo is part of the Harrahs chain and their player's card scheme is called 'Total Rewards'.




Once you've signed up you can accumulate points through slot play at any of their Vegas (and beyond) casinos. Their Vegas casinos also include Bally's, Paris, Caesar's Palace, Rio, Harrahs, Imperial Palace, and Bill's.




The more points you accumulate the greater your chances of being 'comped'."




Option #1


The term that may be more appropriate in your situation is: REFUND. How many days did you stay at the Flamingo? How many days were affected by the water event? A refund is based on an event happening in the past in which costs incurred are reversed. As your event is the latter, you would normally receive a separate billing showing the room amount being refunded (credited). Flamingo's accounting department would handle a refund item differently than a comped event. Therefore, two, or more entries: 1) the # of days you booked the room; and 2) # of day(s) the Flamingo is refunding the cost of the room. The end result may be the room will cost you only for the day(s) not impacted by the water event or they may refund the cost of the room for your entire stay. I hope it is the latter.




Option #2. If you do not receive a new billing statement after contacting the Flamingo, you may choose to write the Flamingo folks that your recent "water world" experience will make nice reading on Facebook, the TripAdvisor.com feedback page (if you used it to book the Flamingo) and the Flamingo Las Vegas Official website.



Google tells me the odds against this (sprinklers failing) are sixteen million to one.


Google may also be able to tell you the odds of a well-written letter favoring you receiving a room refund sooner than later and perhaps even a nice discount on your next visit to Las Vegas. :nod_yes:




Option #3. Contact the financial company which you received the credit card and file a transaction dispute on the amount of the room. The credit card company will immediately issue a provisional credit for the disputed amount and the credit company will begin their investigation. During that investigation you will have full access to the amount in dispute.




My fee for a non-requested financial counseling session is usually reasonable. The term "reasonable" is based upon the negotiating skills of my "client". :wink:





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Spar, thank you for the lesson on the vagaries of Vegas-speak. I heard the contraction "comp" a lot more than I heard refund. I assumed they were synonyms. In any case there was a credit on my M/C bill for $475 cdn when I checked it online today. I immediately went to yelp and reported it, and changed the Flamingo's rating to 3 stars from 1 (maybe none.....can't remember the lowest rating)

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