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have the Russians hijacked our internet?

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My internet comes from my tenant Peter Gordon who has a company called Cascadia Consulting which subscribes to Telus, formerly BC Tel. The contract calls for 15 mbps down and 1mbps up. This has worked well in the past, but lately I have been unable to stream Crave TV, (netflix clone) and Peter has been complaining about sloth in his computer. The picture shows speed readings over the last few days.(no horizontal scale). We have eliminated everything but PGs computer. The data hog is operating when his computer is on or sleeping. Turning it off completely seems to eliminate the problem.




Another symptom is that PGs cell phone acts up when it is within the wi-fi bubble. he can hear others but his voice is garbled to them. Sometimes the speed test aborts while measuring upload speed. Pings are mid to high 3 figures.




Just thought someone here may have a hint about what is going on.

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