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Sometimes Landing is just enough

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So Tuesday night I had an terrible night landing the A20. Kept coming in too slow and pancaking on the deck. Decided to fly Thursday and spent the first half hour just doing take off and landing circuits to get my touch back.




Boy was I glad I did.




On the last sortie I had a successful bombing run but made the mistake of flying back without escort. Very close to base I got jumped by two German fighters. My rear gunner took one down, but I was really shot up and had to land right away. The second one made a diving attack run and put bullets right through me onto the runway.




The plane looked like swiss cheese but was able to land ( hide your eyes when I do the last dip before touching down)




The video is not a thing of beauty but it made for a great finish to the night for me!





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lol...yeah, he shot you up pretty bad....




but have to comment on that little maneuver the fighter makes at the very beginning of the clip. When we fly german, seems I am constantly seeing the Russian ai go vertical, and finally learned not to try and follow them. But flying Russian the other nite, could not believe the 109 could do some of the things the ai were doing with it. There is no way I can sky up a 109 like the ai were doing.....

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