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there has never been a way to "dead end" a routine. If you have a sequence in a mission started, and because something else in the mission occurs, you want to pause that sequence to see the result of that second action. When that second action is finished, you had the option of un-pausing the sequence, but not restarting it, because all the counters/timers held whatever values from the pause, and trying to restart the routine would just make it start from the state it was in when it was paused...(if any of that made any sense)......




so now we have the way of "resetting" timers and counters to zero. (in theory,,,i still can not get it to work)




Most missions are pretty straightforward. It's when you get into scenarios....if this happens I want this to happen, but if this happens i want something else to happen..that the need for all this becomes really important.

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