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Not sure if Gold has noticed, but every new PW session I have increased the "durability" setting of industrial objects. The default of this setting is 25000. We started at 1000, and are now up to 6000.




In a perfect world, the game would be able to count how many objects are either killed or damaged or both, but that does not work like it should, which is why we can not have icons disappearing after a industrial target is considered destroyed.




I need Gold to tell me when they feel the setting we fly at is as close to accurate as we are going to get. 25000 was imho too high for SOME, but not all of the objects.




edit: have to factor in a "entertainment" value when determining "accurate". We don't want arcade, but then real life stuff can be boring.

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I think we're getting close to upward damage settings,


I do like the way it's set up now with industry mixed with City dwellings, not knowing the layout of it makes it a bit more tense when coming into Target view.


I also agree with icons not clearing out when a Target is destroyd.


Perfect world we would send in a photo recon afterwards to determine damage to Target.


But I think we can determine that while over Target.


On another note I think your doing an outstanding job on these maps and your getting better and better.


Each month.


Keep up the great work Duck.

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