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A day on the Horkerage


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Subtitled: Some days are better than others

I was given the opportunity to spend a good piece of the afternoon enjoying Weasel's generosity in hosting the "Horkerage" dog-fight server. I had a blast, even if I didn't exactly "own the skies". ;)

Attached is a screen shot I took. Taken as I was trying to evade a MiG-3 (the model with the AM38 engine)... This guy had given me and Wringer fits. He knew what that plane could do, and how to do it. Of course, it helps that particular aircraft in FB is a tad overmodeled, IMO. Anyway... I'm evading this guys shots, but not getting any in, when the cavalry arrives in the shape of an Me-109E flown by Scout. He made one diving pass, and *BLAM*, ripped that MiG a new ... cavity. ;) I snapped the shot very soon qafter Scout's perfectly aimed blast...

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