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Friendly Fire Messages

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Not sure if this is of any help to Duck and Geezer but I found this tidbit over at the GB forums, discussion between JimT and No.610_Sketch.



On 3/21/2019 at 7:41 AM, [TWB]Sketch- said:

If the static objects are neutral, then they won't report friendly fire to either country. Basically, the static objects are there for 'pretty' and nothing more. 

It's part of the illusion, see? Players think they're destroying a huge base or whatever, but really they're just destroying eight little objects somewhere inside the large base. Helps with performance, and as a designer; I only have to worry about eight objects instead of 100s.


Unless something has changed, neutral objects are considered friendly to players and enemy to the AI. So, if you blew up the tower in your oilfield objective, you would get a "fired on a friendly" message. However, I have not tested this in quite awhile, so maybe this behaviour has changed.


I'm impressed with your videos Sketch. Kudos to you and Vapor for designing the templates.  




I think this is a little miscommunication on my part. I'm pretty certain static objects that are not a linked entity do not give friendly fire messages to players because they're not linked. I misquoted and said they were neutral (because well, they are neutral). Static objects that are linked and are set to neutral will give the friendly fire message.

Full thread here, 



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