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Last of the troubleshooting, hopefully for a long time

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New monitor is all dialed in, it’s a keeper. After the fun with disconnect and sound problems last night I managed to find a balance between my system color/NVIDIA and the monitor. My blacks look black, shadows look like shadows, day looks like day and night looks like night, color separation is good, and I can fine tune the gamma separately in game/sim for IL2 and DCS. Pleasantly surprised with the results and how the monitor looks from different angles. Much better monitor.

Turning the monitor on/off - turn it off and disconnect switches back to the laptop monitor, reconnect and turn to switch back and all settings stay the same, no issues. 

I forgot I added an additional keyboard - hopefully this is the sound issue. 

Hate to think the new monitor that gave me sight is now making me deaf..... really. just can't have it all yet. :brick_wall:

One thing I did when the NVIDIA became a sound choice and tried to default was to manually set my sound to headphones via the Window sound icon in the tray. But then I always had to manually choose my sound device.

I had to go to my Windows settings and reset the sound to my laptop speakers so when I plugin my headphones it automatically switches to headphones then back when I disconnect them.

NVIDIA sound has all been disabled so it doesn't show up as an option – no speakers unless I plug them in.

TS Sound Issue - I forgot I added my separate keyboard which has sound/volume on it. Seems between that and TS the volume gets adjusted and the mic gets confused. A little trouble shooting, and it should be good. Might also be an issue with too many USB devices plugged into my hub with the added keyboard. I have no issues with sound, mic, etc. until I have TS up and launch IL2. 

I'll try to hop on tonight before the festivities to test joining the server and doing a manual fix by alt/tab and reset the mic. If that works then it's the immediate temporary fix. 

Hopefully this is the last fix and I don't have to talk about technical difficulties or hold up the flight. 

And no Brin, no boobs are involved with regards to my booby shooting, I mean trouble shooting. 😉 

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Stupid keyboard, the nail in last nights coffin of fun......... that was the pesky problem. Should all be good now provided I stay connected to the server. 

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