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TrackIR graph zoom, pilot zoom, and default zoom

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Trying to finalize my TrackIR profile so it's comfortable looking around zoomed out. "comfortable gods eye view" Was trying to use the graph so I could lean back to zoom out a bit. But I still wanted my pilot zoom buttons to zoom me out all the way. Found out you can't have it both ways. 

I didn't know this, Duck helped me figure it out based on what keys do what, maybe it helps others. 

The only way to make sure the pilot zoom buttons zoom out all the way is to

  • pause TrackIR
  • zoom out all the way on the pilot view
  • zoom out all the way using the home key
  • Then if you want your default view zoomed in more, zoom in using your pilot view buttons
  • Save the default view - F10 (I think)

Now you have the default zoom/pilot head set and you can use the pilot zoom to zoom out "all the way"

Only now, your TrackIR graph "Z" won't respond to zooming out as you lean back. crap. 

So you have to do the same thing as above, only after zooming out all the way using the "home key" use the "insert key" to zoom in a bit. However much you zoom in using the insert key is now how much tolerance is allowed using the TrackIR graph when you lean back. Your pilot zoom out only goes as far as you set with the insert key, then lean back to zoom out the rest of the way. 

I think for zooming out I prefer to use the the pilot view zoom button over TrackIR leaning back, last thing to tinker with and then leave this bloody thing alone and fly. 

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I have a hat on my stick set to zoom out and in within the sim. Not a stick profile, just assigned the stick's hat to those commands within the game (uses DirectX key commands.)

I can pause/resume my TIR using Sh-F11, F11 by itself centers the TIR. Those keys are set in my TIR profile. They occasionally conflict with sim-related commands, but I've learned to remove/reassign those functions to other keys, so my TIR commands are always there. I can both lean in and out with TIR, or use my right thumb to zoom in/out, or bump that hat to the left to center the view. Yes, the TIR and hat zooms occasionally over-lap each other, but it's quickly and easily fixed by bumping the Center View hat switch. It seems to work for me. 

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Thanks for the feedback... 

I have basically the same setup though I just using the zoom in/out pilot head zoom with trackIR. I have pause and TrackIR center mapped to my throttle buttons, center is a regular thing. I did end up setting the default zoom (insert key) in a bit so I can lean back. Setting the "home key zoom out" affected how much I could zoom when leaning in with TrackIR. So now I just "center" normally and its zoomed in a bit for the default view, and I can lean back to zoom out. Plus use the zoom pilot head to zoom in/out and still be able to lean back to zoom out, lean forward to zoom in etc. 

I think I removed all the hat movements from the game profiles to avoid conflicts. I don't use them, though some like to pause TIR and use the hat. 

If I want to be zoomed out all the way and not have to lean back, I just sit slightly forward and hit my trackIR center and lean back normally to stay zoom out. Works pretty well. So the TrackIR profile is fairly lively with a bit of dead zone for side to side and zooming in. 

The struggle I was having was being able to zoom all the way out and not have to lean back when I wanted so it's more relaxing for some tasks.

Now if I can just remember to always sit back when looking over my shoulder I'll be set. 2 years of lean left, forward, look right, to look over my shoulder on the small monitor. Now it's just, relax, look left or right, slight lean as needed....  a few more weeks and I hope to break the old habit. 


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