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Tuesday May 14

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Basically same mission as last week, with some changes.  Info for intel is here:


Important:  Before you even start your engines, look at the map.  Locate areas that will help navigate.  Towns, dead-end rivers, RR tracks ect.  I won't apologize for turning navigation icons off, but don't want pilots who have a problem flying this way think I am not sympathetic.  I just think it falls in line with icons on.  It was a major change, but we managed.

I did ramp up the ai a bit, and there will be some AI flights with 3 elements.   This is not a practice session, but wanted to make it more useful for applying some of the things that have been discussed.  Flying in formation and keeping a handle on coms is easy when you are not under attack, so hopefully, everyone will be under attack a little more, and with more ai.

One more thing to practice, and that is staying alive.  If overwhelmed, get out of dodge, and live to fight another battle.

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Only additional comment I would make is if you are having trouble with the navigation, than take the #3 or #4 spot and focus on following the flight lead.  Go into auto pilot every so often and pull the map up, ask the lead what grid you are in, pop in and out a few times until you get the landmarks down.

last week I lost an engine and got lost,  i stayed on the bearing that Icy called out and kept watching for frylock until I found him and followed him into the airfield, learning the map along the way.

( at the same time fry and icy talked me thru the key commands to feather my prop )

Made it back in one piece in the end thanks to my squadmates.


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I like having the icons off to force getting used to navigating by land forms. Seems all the pilots get turned around/lost at some point and if your head is in the map too much it's hard to do everything else. Just a matter of time on map navigating. 

Once we can fly together without the series of "what if this happens" questions then I'll agree flying without bandits is easy. 😉 I still haven't witnessed "easy" yet. soon I hope. But the map sounds like it will be great for some furball action. 

I flew from Vjazma north to Digino, north to Sychevka, north to Rjev and back, takes about 40-45 min or an hour if your circling key land forms. Second time did it only looking at the map a couple times the rest following rivers, not too bad. 

  • Vjazma - fly north, pick up the river after takeoff, probably on your west side, some times a little confusing but trust your flying north. 
  • River will dead end - fly west to pick up next river, dead ends and continues North.
  • Stay on the east side of the river going north
  • Look out for the Pond to the east accompanied by a fork in the river, forks to the west side of the river - South of Dijino
  •  Follow the river / river will go through the East edge of the forest.
  • Next the river will fork - fork cuts through the forest, look off to your NW beyond the fork to see the pond on the West side of the river, 
  • On the East side of the river / parallel to the pond - slightly South you will see Dijino AB
  • After that flying North you see where all the rivers come together, East side of this is Sychevka, if you look where all the rivers converge and see one has a bridge, that's the railroad track going north. 
  • Flying North, you cross the converging rivers going North, you will see the rivers left/W right/E of you
  • Keep going north till you come to the big forest, crossing the river that travels E/W "on the north the edge of the large forest.
  • You will see the railroad going through the large forest
  • To the East you see the river that goes NE/SW 
  • As you pass the larger forest and into open space, you will see the river in front of you that travels E/W and ties into the river you saw that went NE/SW - thats the enemy town and AB right there.

 Flying south past Sychevka

2 Ponds for easy reference

  • If the pond is on the west side of the river, look out West past the river - Dijino is on the East side 
  • If the pond is on the East side (just east) of the river you are South of Digino, turn around follow the river back to the pond that's on the West side

Next easy references going north

  • converging rivers Sychevka
  • Open space surrounded by rivers
  • Cross river to large forest - railroad track runs through
  • Open space surrounded by rivers
  • Enemy town/AB just North as you cross the section of river that goes E/W

If you go to far West you'll run out of map

If you fly to far East - fly West to find the familiar land forms and go N or S as needed. 

Maybe that will help? 


Pretty fun stuff, just takes hours to fly......... 

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A great moment last night.   

Gold flight was flying line astern, returning from a sortie.  I was tail end charlie at low altitude.  In his usual calm demeanor Icy called...."AAAAAAAAARRRGHHH, we are under attack".  I saw one, two, three enemy fighters diving from high above and in front of me towards  one of the bombers in front of me.  Zeus was putting a lot of machine gun fire up there but we were in trouble.   I had just passed under our rear set of escorts, and way in the distance I could see the nav lights of a front set of escorts.  The rear guys engaged and it became a hornets nest above me.  Than as a group I saw the entire front escort team make a sharp 180 degree turn and pass over head in a nice tight formation to support the rear escort group.  Bombers kept on their way completely untouched.  

It was a beautiful thing to see.

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Lol ,calm under pressure, as always.

Though it was hard to see through all the smoke that filled my cockpit,

From all the burning hair.

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Had only a few show up for practice Thursday..5-16..

Started out server jumping but went South pretty quick... Have to admit the bombers had a hard time with no fighter cover, credit due to blue!

Got aggravated so stepped out to get a bite came back only me and fry left, so we jumped in shooting stars server in the Dora 9s and finished the night with 9 kills between the two of us.

Ended the night pleased.

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