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Mission Builders / Generators Journey to the center of the ME

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Well I've been having some fun with the ME, a welcomed rabbit hole to travel through. 

@WWSittingduck, thanks for the time last Friday, your additional explanations on timers, deactivating a routine and how this affects timers was a huge help. I dove into Coconuts random switches which was much easier to understand since you gave me a basic description on how it works. Very clever. It will be interesting to see how much I can get away with when using the switch and daisy chain it as needed. I have a running word doc with my notes and questions I need to answer for myself as I get further into the groups. 

I have some ideas about adding groups (with random behavior) to some of the missions to punch up areas on the map. As I build groups I'll create a MP DF practice map. More on that later. One thing I don't want to do is turn all the maps into mayhem missions with bandits every 3 feet, or derail someones mission idea or objectives. Just spicing things up here and there. 

DF/COOP style mission - I like DF mission with objectives that allow you re-plane as needed. On some of the maps it would be nice to look at the outer edges of the battle field where it's unlikely anyone would fly unless they get lost or they want to patrol outer areas after the main objectives have been completed. Then trigger these areas so if a pilots lost or patrols outside the battlefield/objective area they are sure to get some action, good hunting. Idea is it allows the mission to continue as long as pilots want to keep hunting/flying after objectives have been satisfied. 

I know you guys use various tools, PW coop, Vanderstocks mission generator, etc.  I'm a little confused about Coconuts mission verses his tools/game mechanics and future support. I'm not clear on what's most used, what will most likely have continued support, commonly known issues among the tools, what's the easiest to use, things to stay away from because there reaching there EOL (end of life) so I don't want to waste time in those areas. 

So if you build missions, and have and opinion on the different editors to use and keep using or stop using, can you share your thoughts? 

Vanderstock - it's my understanding currently Stalingrad is the only map you can use with his builder?

PWCOOP - not sure

Coconut - It's my understanding he's not building anymore due to all the changes in the last updates? 

Where's the future of these 3rd party builders/tools? 

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Vander is a coop mission builder, and has all three maps....very easy to use

PW COOP is a tool from hell...….literally

But none of these are considered "editors"....they just create the mission, and then we as players go in and fiddle with them.

Coconut is out of the picture right now....just imagine yourself banging your head for a couple years on a mission concept,,,finally getting it right, then have it all go down the drain cause of an update....how quick would you want to get back into it all...I really feel for him.

Take the plunge.....but up something as a DF mission, let us fly it.  Flying is a lot like sex....we don't care if it's really good sex...just as long as we get laid....

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Thanks, I figured the coop mission builder and tool just get you so far then you have to modify it in ME as needed. Time saving though.

I fully understand Coconuts pain with updates destroying work, kind of a part of my work life. Spend 3-5 years building up templates, customizing themes, plugins, features only to see the big updates come along and literally wipe it all out so you start over. While it's expected and you try to prepare, sometimes it blind sides you. Maybe you can fill me in on TS sometime so I have some insight to what changed, why, and how it broke the mission. Web lInk to story?

I really don't want to go down any paths that are short lived, mostly want to focus on interesting groups and some home grown ways to toss a mission together which will be more interesting than a quick mission. So I'd really like to know what areas the ME logic/mechanics changed, or if Coconuts mission was just so large, or maybe updating the mechanics is too daunting. 

I'll try to stay away from the sex analogies, there's a lot of pilots involved in the flights so the group analogy can only go bad, LOL. 

Meanwhile, I'll keep tinkering, hope to have something in a few weeks, as long as Elmer Fudd doesn't have his shotgun out when I pop my head out of the next ME rabbit hole. 

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