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Cool indeed. 

I was reading this post.


Had and additional note on repair



The repair function process is instantaneous when entering/within the service is exactly like having invulnerable checked. Lose the landing gear or ding the prop on take-off and all the sudden your back up. This function definitely needs some work and a working timer...

All good...

Edit... Oh and this does work in SP as well. 


So if this is working in SP (single player) that's awesome. 

reload all guns



On 10/1/2019 at 7:29 AM, =[TIA]=Stoopy said:

Is there time involved in refuel / rearm?  If so, does it make sense that a repair might take longer?

As far as I can tell setting the time in seconds (limit is 100) within the advance properties of the objects makes no difference with regards to the Refuel or Rearm process within the service area.


RT Ctrl+A = Rearm

RT Ctrl+F = Refuel

*Remember to use the "reload all guns" after above rearming is complete. Ordinance rearming is instantaneous.


Left ALT+R= Reload all guns.

Press and hold Refuel note



Important: you need to leave it pressed down to keep refuelling. This has the advantage that it allows you to stop at any time, if you dont want a full fuel load. The technochat will indicate the % refuel progress.

Looks like some serious tinker time is needed, if this can be setup in SP and works the same in MP DF, just add an airfield for MP, that will make testing a bit more fun if I can just add it to my SP practice missions.

Hopefully I'll find out this weekend and try it first hand. 

Refuel - might be that you can do both, press and hold to refuel, release refuel stops, or press keys once to start, press again to stop.


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Refuel note

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I posted on the IL2 forums, this is really working great for SP


The server vehicle in a Single Player Mission and it works great. 

I hide my messages and any screen on the info so I only go by sound. So far it works without issues for me. 

Setup a service vehicle with 180m radius so you have go pull off the runway and onto the W taxiway where you can see the truck. 

Times set to 20 sec for everything. 

Here is a video where I manage to make it through the flight, cover bombers to target, then fight my way to RTB, land, RRR.

  • Repair - Once I shut off my engines, 20 sec later you can see it repair the plane and makes a sound
  • Rearm - RCTL+A, 20 seconds later you can hear the sound of rearming, only one gun gets loaded, so you have to use "reload" 
  • Reload - LALT+R, reloads immediately after rearming when you hit the keys, you can hear the sound of it loading gun
  • Refuel - RCTL+F, seems to refuel to 100%, not sure on time, there is no sound, I typically hit the keys a couple times to make sure.


Restartengines, RRR + reload is completed, ready to head out and do some more damage. 

So this has completly changed my SP mission experience for the better!

This feature made my year, hope it continues to work with minimal issues. 

One thing I noticed (need to test more and double check) is that it seems to like 20-30 seconds or more for time. I did set all the times to 5 seconds and it didn't seem to work. I need to double check this. But I just changed it to 20 seconds. All is good. 

As far as application discussed here. Guess it just depends on the ME author and what there trying to accomplish. 

I like the idea of adding the service trucks to several friendly airfields so you can emergency land, RRR, then resume your flight from that location as apposed to having to return to your original base. If you don't make it, then you have to get a new plane and start from the original airfield. So making maps where you can keep moving in a single direction as long as your plane is a bit easier. (this is just an application I like) and is only IMHO. 

I do notice the AI seem to hit the ground easier, self preservation is not exactly high on the AI's list. 😉

check RRR at end of video after I land..... 


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