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SubSim: Wolf Pack news

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Text of an email I received regarding SubSim Wolfpack:


When we released Wolfpack many of you reached out to me and said, "But Onkel, I don't really play multiplayer. Please let me know when Wolfpack has a single player mode".

Well my friend, the devs heard you and that day is here: it is my great pleasure to tell you that we just released the Wolfpack Lone Wolf single player package. Now you can have the same authentic u-boat experience but easily manage your boat solo if you choose.

If you already own Wolfpack (thank you for your support!), you can go to Steam now and update your game. If you have been waiting for the right time to buy Wolfpack, there's no better time than now.
You can get the game with the Lone Wolf single player update all for the same price as the original game.  Just check out the terrific reviews!

And we're not stopping here, no sir. The devs have a lot more amazing stuff to add to the game: a campaign mode featuring a highly detailed and authentic Scapa Flow mission with patrols, nets, blockships, and tidal factors. That is something never done by any subsim.  Then we'll build a historic campaign mode with missions like Running Gibraltar, Operation Drumbeat, and D-Day; dedicated servers for 24/7 World of Wolfpack, save game functions, and that Holy Grail of all u-boat sims--playable destroyers for massive player vs player convoy battles. That's what your purchase of Wolfpack buys you.

So, get your copy of Wolfpack now and enjoy the most realistic u-boat combat simulator ever. Your support means the game will continue to evolve and grow.

Good hunting!
Onkel Neal

PS: Now with the single player mode it is easy to start a mission solo and allow other players to join the battle in their own subs as part of a wolfpack during your game. This really ramps up the action and makes the destroyers work extra hard to cover the whole convoy when it is being attacked from all sides! You can use the u-boat radio to communicate with any other captains. If other players join, great; if not, no problem, your game goes on solo.

PPS: We also added a training mode and a quick encounter mode for immediate action!


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