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It can never be too shiny.  :)


If you don't mind me suggesting a change to the checkerboard pattern, I would like the nose cone to also have the same dark blue as the top of the cowl, and also bring down the dark blue on the top side of the nose cone to where the pilots name currently is (please change the name to yellow).

Then extend the checkerboarding back more until it picks up the diagonal panel line as show on my horrible scribble of a drawing.

Checkerboarding on the twin rudders as well please, and you can leave out the big W on the tail since it looks great on the radiator inlet.

Can you make the WW Shield on the outboard side of each engine as big as possible to fit on that panel without overlapping the stencil or screws on the edge?

Finally if you can highlight the out edge of the 99 with yellow like you did on the P51 that would be sweet. 


Thank you so much, I wish art was one of my talents.

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