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Dec 17 AAR


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took off from Belo in an A-20 as #2 in a flight of 4.  Followed #1 lead to target with only 2 ac sighted at a long distance flying east.  We got to target without incident. Fry in #3 attacked the grain depot and received engine damage from the aa in the area.  Then came a 5 minute period of angry Boston’s pounding the target and the two river barges into rubble.  Departed target, leaving it in rubble and flames and headed east to home.  Landed safely at Belo, repaired, rearmed and refueled.

we had reports that the whole German Air Force was attacking one of our sea bases so plans changed and we decided to visit one of their airbases Pastranovskaya.  Replacing in a Ju-52 and loading it up with regiment 17 paratroops who had been hanging around the base eating bonbons,  I fired up the engines and prepared for takeoff.  Ice on the field (I swear it was ice in the summer) caused the ju-52 to do a 180 and go nose to nose with Icy’s P-38  Once that got straightened out I took off and flew a circuitous route to target, giving the rest of Gold time to go to the field, bomb the hangers, runway and take out those pesky machine gunners, eat the German bonbons and then cover my drop, you know the unimportant things.

Having a relief Gunner for Zeus, he was busy feeding the paratroops hot cocoa from the espresso machine in the back all the way there.  When we got to the airfield everything looked quiet and serene.  I did a fly by, looking for ice to make sure the troops didn’t twist their ankles, and dropped them right down the runway.  They were quick to get out (too much cocoa I expect and I counted all 12 landing on the field.  Heading back we were within 5 minutes of the field when we heard the Germans were attacking the base.  Finding a nice flat field I put the JU down only slightly denting a tree.

as we all walked back to the base, we heard the church bells ringing, could the war truly be over?....


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