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Controller Assignment (untested)

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Damn, wish I had known this a long time ago.  Every so often, one of my devices somehow gets unplugged, or a hub screws up, and next thing I know my throttle is controlling my radiator and a ton of other stupid things.

I have to resort to my cheat sheet and edit current_actions

find and replace joy0_ with joy9_

find and replace joy1_ with joy0_ and so on till things are right.

but if a post on IL2 is correct, there is one file (devices.txt) in data/input that lists all the devices, and what controller ID they have, and all that is needed to do is make sure I know what id I want each controller to be set to for my assignments to work as intended.  Like I said, untested, but if my stick and quadrant get mixed up again, this is the first way I will try and fix it.








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That's exactly how I use the devices.txt to figure mine out.  Was a boon when I was trying to decipher issues with my warthog throttle (not that it's working).  You can also delete the whole file and GB will rebuild it the next time you fire up GB, done that a few times while trying to get all the controllers sorted out.

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