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Airfields - Post Your Favorite planes - Aerobatic Smoke setup

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Hey guys, when you get a chance, can each pilot list your favorite planes, allied/axis, good to know info for airfield setups. List your favorite plane and Aerobatic Smoke Setup. 

Once the airfield setups are done we can reuse them to save time, and it's more likely you'll have a plane you like to fly. 

Aerobatic Smoke Setups: 

  • Aerobatic Smoke pods setup for each plane must be setup in advance to set it as the mission default loadout.
  • Include your plane modifications like clipped wings, mirrors, engines, fuel octane, etc.
  • Smoke color
  • Number of smoke pods, 1 or 2. 

You can change your fuel and skins in game.

You can not change your plane modification in game or you lose the smoke

  • click on the "restore to mission default (not sure if that's the exact wording)" button to restore the smoke and preset loadout. 

So if you want smoke and modification with your smoke to magically appear in the airfield menu, list those planes. 

Simple Example: 

WWDriftwood: Spitfire Mk.IX, clipped wings, mirror, 150 octane fuel, 2 pods/white smoke


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A-20 2 red pods

me262. Regulator valve 1 red pod   removed Armor and guns

ju-52 paratroops 

u2 vs  1 yellow pod, rockets


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Far as I know, when you have smoke, you can't have guns, rockets, or bombs, weapons are removed. 

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Fw-190 A-3 or A-5, but I don't think either one has smoke pods (?) Red smoke, if available.

P-38L Red smoke

P-47D Red smoke

I use stock WW skins on my aircraft. 

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