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Mission Building - Behaviour MCU

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For any of the mission builders.

I'm trying to keep the balloon in the image neutral, until I'm ready to trip the Behaviour MCU in this case to make it GB.

I ran a test to see if the German aircraft would open fire at the balloon while it was neutral and to my surprise they did.

You guys know of anyway to keep the ai planes from shooting at the balloon other than making them the same nationality, which won't work in this scenario ?

I'd prefer not to spawn it in, looks lame when approaching.

BTW; what is Float Param?  on/off?


(Image I believe will not show if your viewing with apple) 





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float parameter (am work, so using memory...)

when you place an airfield on the map (for dogfight missions), and click on "planes" for that airfield, once you have added a plane(s), there is s column for numbering that plane.

can not remember if there is a default number for the planes (1?), but if you have some planes in there as 1, and others in there as 2, the only planes available will be whatever the default for the base is.  If a trigger activates a command behavior to the base, and that command behavior is set to 2, the planes set to one will not be available, and the planes set to 2 will become available....

so glad you are mission building again..........

as far as shooting the balloons...there is a check box in the advanced properties of the balloons i believe called "engageable"...not really sure if this would work for you. it is also in the command behavior mcu, so it appears you can switch this engageable on and off.

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Hey thanks Duck, I went back into the ROF group files I had and realized it was set in the airfield to change plane set, Came back to me as soon as I opened it.

The resources looks very handy, I had the manual, thanks.

I'll get back to you on the engageable.

I wanted to set balloons not engageable to prevent the ai from ruining our fun or timing things for later parts of a mission.

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"I'll get back to you on the engageable."

Follow up, it looks like it doesn't matter what preferences you make to the object itself the enemy will attack. I found if you set a behaviour MCU after the mission begins it will take effect which does seem a bit strange but it works, just need to remember all this for other scenarios.

And I thought arma 3 was quirky, actually A3's ME is a lot more complicated but way more powerful when you get into script writing.

Here's a example of heli attacking opfor


if (_highestCount > 1 ) then { // is there more than 1 rebel spotted anywhere? if (count _westHelis > 0) then { // are any helis available? { [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointBehaviour "COMBAT"; // combat mode [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointCombatMode "RED"; // fire at will, engage at will [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointType "SAD"; // search & destroy _position = getPos (leader _highestCountGroup); // position of spotter with highest target count _position set [2, (_position select 2) + 100]; // add 100m elevation [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointPosition [_position, 50]; } forEach _westHelis; }; } else { // no combat to join if (count _westHelis > 0) then { // are any helis available? { [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; // aware mode [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointCombatMode "YELLOW"; // fire at will [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointType "MOVE"; // move to [_x, (currentWaypoint _x)] setWaypointPosition [getPos homeHelipad, -1]; // home position object variable name } forEach _westHelis; }; };


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