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Was out walking the dog one morning this weekend, took the camera along. Was hoping to maybe see an eagle, or some colorful Mallards. Instead I got a Red-Winged Blackbird, a crow with bright eyes, and a Cardinal who was playing coy and made me capture the image from a long ways off.

These images are smaller than original, in order for the forum to display them correctly. Click the images to open them a bit larger than displayed here. 




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Was out again today, but had something set wrong on the camera... Some auto-sharpen thing I believe, that shouldn't have been on, because with a super-sharp lens like my 100-400 it actually makes images less sharp. And that bugs me... 


Todays bird, though I have no idea what it is. I suck at aviary identification, lol... 



.. and Rocky 


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I had to ask the local FaceBook Birding Photography group what these were... Simple, common, Tree Swallows. But really cool colors, and really cool antics among their man-made shelters. 


Why do I think of Craven when I see the image above? LOL! "What the heck are YOU lookin' at?"



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My latest contribution to this thread.

Stepped outside the trailer last Wednesday to have my morning coffee sitting by the lake when I heard the calls.  A family of loons had met up mid lake and started to swim/float? (do birds swim?) towards where I was sitting. In my rush to grab the camera I managed to spill my coffee all over me, but managed to get it in time.  To my delight they made 2 passes in front of where I had my backside parked.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did taking them.




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Great photos, Les. Thanks!

The Minnesota state bird is the Loon. Their call heard from across the lake is both soothing (instantly reminds me of camping trips, and home) and occasionally eerie as hell (heard through a foggy morning sends chills down my spine). They're only occasionally this far south in Minnesota though. Get north of the Twin Cities and they're on nearly every lake.

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Thought of this group...







Registration Now Open

Join us for a 1.5-hour workshop led by natural science illustrator Liz Clayton-Fuller to help you get started drawing the natural world. 

Liz will guide you through four bird-focused drawing exercises designed to help you build confidence in fundamental drawing techniques, heighten your observational skills, and see the world with an artist's eyes. If you've been seeking a creative spark but weren't sure where to start—this workshop is for you!

September 12, 2020 2:00pm EDT 

Cost: $15 $12.99 (all fees included!)

Space is limited, register early:


Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Liz is an accomplished scientific illustrator and fine artist. She holds a BFA in illustration, with a minor in art history from Savannah College of Art and Design and a certificate in natural science illustration from the University of Washington. She has created and taught field sketching courses for Cornell University undergraduates as well as for participants in Cornell's adult university program. She has also illustrated field guides, created educational outreach materials, and painted visuals for scientific papers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Her online course Nature Journaling and Field Sketching is available from the Cornell Lab's Bird Academy. 


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Great shots! Thanks for posting those. Pretty cool that the eagle just sat there for a few hours. Must be a favorite rest spot. 

I haven't been getting many bird photos this year, not so many different or colorful types in the new neighborhood. Occasionally a blue heron will show up in the water basins a couple blocks away. I was hoping to get some hummingbirds showing up, but my hummingbird feeder has been unused despite fresh sugar water every couple days. (sigh) There are a fair number of flowers around the same area too, but maybe not the kind the hummingbirds like. Or the dog scares them away, lol... 

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