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Almost done testing my fighter groups. 

Here's some explanation on what's to come. Watch the video in 1080 dpi or it will be blurry - youtube video settings - gear icon on video. 

Note the random events are based on the Pat Wilson event timers and Coconuts switches and that can be use to activate anything you want. 

I've done a live test on the dserver and all is working. I do want to add some timers  to the counters to try and avoid kill not being counted, then do a couple test with a few guys taking out bandits and watching the kill messages. My personal test I only made it to 5 of 6 groups... need some ace killers. 

As in the video - I'll be adding some additional stuff, check zones, attack areas, etc. Plus mini groups of the bits and peices. 

Goal is - Import / position / link to objectives / go fly.....  

So you just position triggers, planes, waypoints, checknoznes, attack areas, link the counters to your objectives - no tinkering with the detailed mechanics unless you want to. 

Fun test will be setting up the allied/axis groups, 18 verses 18, set the timing and onkill counters, then let the AI go at it! 

More later.... 





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