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Flak Group Spawner Reset Activate Deactivate

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I adjusted Vanders Flak groups so they don't respawn on enter/left, now they can activate/deactivate, or spawn/activate/deactivate/kill all/spawn x# min later. 


Reset Spawner Timer

Allied-Flak-Reset-Spawner-Activate-Deactivate.zip - set the timer, trigger radius, and attack area radius as needed

RESET SPAWNER timer / 999 min = dead is dead / 1 sec = OnKill all 3 vehicles, new vehicles spawn in on next enter / Set RESET SPAWNER timer for time to repair

Dead is Dead Flak

flak_allied-activate-deactivate.zip - set trigger and attack radius as needed. - simple dead is dead, no respawning.

Lapino SP Test Mission

DW-Flak-Spawn-Reset-Activate-Deactivate-SP.zip - data/mission/DW-................... 

Invulnerable Mk.IX unlimited ammo air start - 3 different flak groups to shoot and watch how they work as you fly in/out of the trigger zone.

Test mission's RESET SPAWNER timer is set for 2 min so you can see the change quick. 

3 groups / reset spawner group / dead is dead activate deactivate group / and original spawn, delete group, all near the runway.



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Will have to test that fly that mission... Hoping, in some corner of my mind, that the AI gunners are extremely frustrated at their inability to shoot me down.

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It's pretty much just to test and see how the AAA work if your planning on using the group. So the test missions a doubting Thomas validity checker, nothing really to shoot at except the examples. 😉 test mission might not be much fun... 

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