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Thanks, just responded to the post... still doesn't clear up the fact that if the check zones working on a dserver dogfight for players is a bug to be fixed or if thats now how it works. If it's a bug that they fix and you use check zones for players, a future update will break those mission. Which will suck... 

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Saw your post,

This falls into the same category of the counter activated or deactivated, does it still count, "no," even though "documentation says it should count while deactivated" hence all the extra deactivated timers to stop inputs to counters activated or deactivated.

Knowing it does not count, I still opt to deactivate timers along with counters. So if it changes to how it's documents as a fix, it won't break my stuff. I still need to double check a couple things in my setup in hopes updates don't break hours of work. 

Never any guarantees but I try to take the safe roads. 

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