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WW's Show your NERD Zones.. :)

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OK well got my (2) J-PEIN Hotas Stands Yesterday from Amazon about $160 Delivered..to Complete my Hardware Setup.. :) Oh and WELL Worth it!!

I set them up last night of Course.. "Like I was going to Sleep if I didn't get them setup LMFAO!!!! These are AWESOME!!! See pic.. Oh and this is 1 side of my Nerd Zone... :)

Oh and to answer your Questions - Yep that is a 3D Printer Love to print ANYTHING for Squadees..... to the Left is my Trustee HIGHLY-MODIFIED" BUG-A-SALT"  and WW' Mug on the shelf..ok I'm done..For Now... :)







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LoL Nice Setup Chunk "Liquor Corner" lol Ah Yesss our Collectables Excuse Me..., Military Memorableya, Action Figures....lol.. Hmm now were are those pics... 😉  Hmm let's see how much memory this thing has..LMAO!!!

Ok so this is My REAL MAN CAVE "The Collectable ROOM" THis has ALL My Goodies Everything from RUSH, to WWII Signed Lithographs, Models, Diecast, and even DRAGON'S...lol YEP I Love DRAGONS :)

The Models are an Honorarium to My Step Dad my Dad and My Father inlaw each model I built is to honor each of them. My dad was a crew chief on KC-97 and KC-135 at O'Hare in the ANG,

My step dad was Col in the Airforce and a WWII tank Commander with Patton.. I still remember all the stories he told me also he was a Police officer in Civilian life an Amazing Man...

He tought me so much and left us far to soon...  The F-4 model is for my wife's brother who passed away during the Vietnam war he was a plane chief on the USS Ranger VF-21

My Father in law was a WWII Pearl Harbor Survivor he was on DD353 Thee USS DALE at pearl during the attack.. He left us at the age of 100yrs Young... :) I have so many great memories and the stories for each Litho I had signed by the pilot that flew the aircraft in them... I even had the Honor of meeting Francis "Gabby" Gabreski the C.O. of the 56th F.G. in WWII I will NEVER forget the conversation with him he is the Most patriotic person I have ever met in my life.. and believe me there is alot in that group of people. Col Charles Brown the pilot of the B-17 "Ye-Old Pub" and Franz Stiegler the 109 #2 pilot from the Infamous encounter they had... See pic below... Oh I sat down with them with a scotch just after I took this pic of them at a convention we hosted in Dayton Ohio at the USAF Museum and they told me the Entire story Yes it Happened... :)














Gabby Signing_Litho.jpg

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Very nice indeed! My grandfather was also at Pearl Harbor that fateful day, he was on the USS OKLAHOMA , He lost his right leg below the knee, He never spoke of it and always told me a shark bit  it off when I asked him. It wasn’t until a few years after he passed away that I found out what really happened. 

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Thank Guys Really proud of my collection.. Yea Icy even though I am a AF Veteran it was over 5 yrs until my father in law would even talk about WWII or Pearl.

But once he did I couldn't stop him lol loved every story he told me and wish I could have videoed them but he would have nothing to do with that..lol

I did get a video before he passed of him telling about the attack from his hospital bed.. If you guys are interested I will see if I can find it? it is a bit hard to understand him after his stroke but

my wife and I repeat his comments so it can be understood ..Love where he say's at the END their "Historic" version is BS!!

They shot down an attacking fighter while leaving the port area???? Yeppppp... with the deck guns...These are HEROS !!!

Sorry had to EDIT the previous post it was a Fighter he was talking about in this video but he told me they took out a minisub outside the port entrance.. :)

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I ended up with a bunch of old photos that were taking aboard the OKLAHOMA before the war, maybe when I get a chance I’ll post a few. I never got a chance to talk to my grandfather about his experience, my uncle who also is a war vet “Korean war” Air Force was the one who told me about what happened.

 When I asked why no one told me he said “we all know how you are, you would have bombarded him with questions he didn’t want to answer”

i understand now, My grandfather lost a lot of his friends that day and didn’t want to relive it.

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Ok it's about 2 GB on my Google Drive but here is the Video of my Father in law hearing his Navy version of Peal read by my wife Robin in the Hospital..

At the End his response to the Official writing of the report is PRICELESS!!  Hope you like it His Name is John Cruce.. <S>



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Niced looking setups and collections, guys. #ThumbsUp! 

Was messing around with my camera yesterday and took about 30 pics of my desk, but deleted them all... Was just experimenting with settings. I'll get something posted, but my setup is currently just an old desk with crap on it...

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This is how I flew back in the day  1 x Dell 30" + 2 x Dell 20" portrait @ 4960x1600   (circa ~2009-2017 ) -- flying with the fellas after a meeting.


Then came 3x 27" G-Sync using nVidia Surround @ 7680x1440 (circa 2017-2020) -- Playing a little Diablo 3



To now attempting to crash fly in full 43" full 4K glory! (circa 2020+)



...pardon the mess, pic taken just now as I made this post :P.... and all my new(ly connected) flight gear is not finalized yet. Don't judge.

I know, pretty basic.

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Can you tell me how a person would go about getting a nylon plastic part scanned to get a CAD file, is that what a 3d printer uses?. I want to replicate a part to have some spares ifthe original breaks. The piece is a little smaller than an old match book, remember those? and not quite as thick as the thickest thickness of the match book. Thanks.

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