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Reka Lama Blitz 1941-43 and Tanks

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I assume we'll all fly German this time since we split up last time.

OPFOR is still available, mission is balance to fly any number of players either side.


  • Trains no longer cross into enemy territory.
  • AAA has been reworked - changed the check zone setup (AKA fixed reversed enter/left zones).
  • AAA - repair is now 1 hour (instead of 20 min)
  • AAA - now has effects so it's clear you took out the AAA position, should help wingmen spotting the action from a distance. Some smoke lingers for 20 min after to help give a visual reference on the battlefield. (can extend the time smokes lingers if it helps Gold as a reference while making repeated attacks).
  • Fighters/Bandits - Reduced counters to make it slightly more aggressive. 
  • Added objectives.

Airfield Icons:

  • -  Indicate recommended takeoff spot for each flight group.
  • Include headings for takeoff and landing.

Flight Groups:

Recommended Orders

  • Gold - Destroy the Factory.
  • Blue - Cover Gold destroy AAA.
  • Red - Destroy ships and cover as needed.
  • White - Destroy Trains and convoys.
  • Black - Fly cover and support as needed.


  • Factory - Destroy 8 to 10 buildings
  • Ships - Destroy 2 of 3
  • AAA - Destroy 3 to 4 AAA positions
  • Trains - Destroy 1
  • Tanks - Destroy 2 Tanks in platoon
  • -  Transport - Destroy 3 vehicles in the convoy

Win message is displayed when one side is victorious.

Tank fields:

  • -  Available later in the mission.
  • -  Attack the factory
  • -  Attack enemy tanks
  • -  Look on the map for enemy tank location


Fighters do not count as objectives! AI fighters and fighter bombers will help attack and defend each territory. No AI drop bombs, only gun ground targets.

Track Mission Progress:

Icons on the map will disappear as the objectives are met by destroying the enemy. Pay attention to the icons at the beginning of the mission. Enemy attack icons pop up as pilots enter those areas on the map. This will help you locate the initial location of incoming enemy and enemy positions for the remainder of the mission.




AAA positions destroyed! 



Edited by WWDriftwood
mission updated - ready for another flight.
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Thanks, have to fix a couple things but overall seemed to run well. 

  • Trains - moving into enemy territory and passing each other going opposite directions "really confused pilots" so I'll change that up. Then look at why the friendly fire on train cars. 
  • MC202's - were removed from the allied side and place in the axis plane pool. 
  • AAA - 20 min to repair after destroyed needs to be set to at least 1 hour or 999 min for dead is dead. I think dead is dead except for airfields. Then if I want more AAA to pop up, instead of a repair after 20 min, have the AAA spawn in a new so AAA can be cleared and stay cleared for bombers to have a clean run. 

Icons, objectives, and map references

Trying to have it set so if you don't read the briefing 😉 simply looking at the map will be enough to know your objectives. 

At the beginning of the mission - each side looks a decluttered map - will only display friendly positions and enemy objectives.

Once the mission starts and planes start to take off and enter any friendly or enemy area with AAA, convoys, tanks area, etc, (general defence) it pops up on the enemy's map as a target. This way each side can see where the activity is at the start of the mission only as well as each side can pick up enemy defense on the map when they fly into the area, bullets might tell you as well. 

Just need to make sure it's acceptable and makes sense to pilots.

Then I'm not going to change it, it's built into my groups for the quick plop, plop, fizz, fizz, 4-6 hours later a mission it is! template...

right now, I'm at plop, plop, fizz, fizzle, fizzle out, plop, fizz, plop, plop, plop, fizz, fizz, plop, fizzle smolder, flizz, plop...... I think I object linked the wrong parts of my brain to the behavior mcu... woops, need to force complete. 

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German Tanks in Allied Territory

Tank position puts you in a nice spot to attack the factory, AAA, nearby tank platoon convoy, possible passing trains, possible passing transport convoy. Mini tank mission in the mission. 😉 


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Other than the quirky super-speed of the train engines when separated from the rest of the train, that was a fun mission. 

I've got a couple screen shots showing my 190 dropping a 500 kilo bomb rigj next to a rampaging train engine... Only to have my 3 second delay make the bomb miss by blowing up behind the dang engine. 

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That was a lot of fun... thanks for flying the mission. Needs some performance tweaks, had quite a bit going on with 4 trains, 4 convoys, 6 ships moving about. Had some big FPS drops a few times... not sure how it was for others. 

I'm almost done with the meat and potatoes groups for some quick mission builds. So it's a bit more just pushing the pieces around the map for some different scenarios. Hoping to maintain the allied/axis player choice theme. Maybe with some tweaks to this map we could do a squad vs squad, alternate allied/axis, I know that's an issue with some squads. 

So I have some turbo trains, phantom fire at ground convoy actions, a couple ships run up on the shore, I knew about that one, was watching the tanks, they cross the turbo train track, LOL, some interesting action there and of course Mr. Wolfe our wild card human allied plane in the mix. 😉

Overall seemed to run well... short list of tweaks. 


  1. Did it seem to have enough AI fighter/bombers for humans to shoot down in enemy territory?
  2. Did anyone have any performance problems? 
  3. Was there anything that was completely confusing other than Wolfe flying allied? LMAO, sorry Wolfe, couldn't resist... that was fun. 


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